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Looking into the Big 4 of the Call of Duty League: Who are the favorites?

Looking into the Big 4 of the Call of Duty League: Who are the favorites?
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Looking into the Big 4 of the Call of Duty League: Who are the favorites?

The race to win the coveted Call of Duty League Championship trophy and a share of $500,000 in prize money is on. Here’s a closer look at the teams that are most likely to top the table and walk away with a prize at the end of the event.

What is Call of Duty League Major IV?

Call of Duty League Major IV is considered to be one of the most epic events in the current global phenomenon of esports. It’s an American online tournament that runs for several months, and a total of 12 teams compete in a double-elimination bracket to find out who will be this year’s Top 4 champion. Major IV is basically the playoff segment of the fourth Major of 2022. The main prize up for grabs at the end of the event is the coveted Call of Duty League Championship trophy, plus the top nine places will receive a share of the cool sum of $ 500,000. in prize money, According to Ginx.TV.

CoD is one of the world’s most iconic first-person shooters, and has also been the world’s best-selling video game franchise for nearly two decades, starting in 2003, he says. statist. The earliest games revolved around the World War II era, and more recent Call of Duty games have taken players into battle in the Cold War era, into futuristic sci-fi worlds, and even into the depths of the world. from outer space. Online gaming enthusiasts from around the world can now play their favorite game and compete against other teams of budding gamers to win cash prizes and some bragging rights.

Who are the current favorites in the 2022 CDL season?

The four current favorites competing in this year’s event are The Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Texas, London Royal Ravens and Toronto Ultra. Also in contention are the LA Thieves, Seattle Surge, LA Guerillas, Boston Breach, Minnesota ROKKR, Florida Mutineers and New York Subliners. If you were to search for reliable Zambian betting sites such as 10bet ZambiaI would see that the favorites, Atlanta Faze, are currently likely to win 1/1 (or 2.00 if you prefer decimal probabilities, and -100 if you prefer American probabilities/Moneyline).

The second favorites to win at the moment are Optic Texas, who are now at 7/2 odds (4.50 and 350). The London Royal Ravens are currently priced at 9/2 (5.50 and +450), and both the Toronto Ultra and LA Thieves are priced at 7/1 (8.00 and +700). Seattle Surge now has odds of 11/1 (12.00 and +1100). The LA Guerrillas have odds of 25/1 (26.00 and +2500). Boston Breach is 33/1 (34.00 and +3,300). Minnesota ROKKR has odds of 40/1 (41.00 and +4,000). Florida Mutineers are likely to be 50/1 (51.00 and +5100), and New York subliners currently are probabilities of 66/1 (67.00 and +6600) to win. While they are precise when writing this article, these probabilities can change a bit as we approach the final, which is scheduled for August.

Different ways of seeing how the action unfolds.

On the weekend of the Call of Duty League Major IV Tournament (CDL Major 4) will take place between July 21 and 24, 2022 at the Kings Theater in Brooklyn, New York. This is the final tournament before Call of Duty championships (CDL) in August, and one of the most convenient ways to see how the entire action is developed is through YouTube. There is also time to buy tickets for the real live event, with prices ranging from around $ 35 for general admission tickets up to $ 100 for VIP tickets.

What can the winners take home?

The winning team is guaranteed $200,000 in prize money, and the runner-up will walk away with $120,000. Whoever finishes this year’s event in third place will receive $80,000, and fourth place will be rewarded with a guaranteed cash prize of $40,000. Fifth and sixth place will receive $20,000, and seventh and eighth place will receive $10,000. There are no cash prizes for those who finish 9th-12th. In addition, all 12 teams will also receive a share of much-requested Call of Duty Points (CDLs).

For example, the winner will receive 65 CDL points, while second, third, and fourth place will receive 50, 40, and 30 CDL points, respectively. Both fifth and sixth place will receive 20 points. Seventh and eighth place will receive 10 points, and there are no points for finishing 9th through 12th. Although it seems certain that the Atlanta FaZe team will emerge victorious, anything can happen in the most famous eSports event in the world.

Last update: August 18, 2022

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