How to deal damage to opponents in the air

How to deal damage to opponents in the air
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How to deal damage to opponents in the air

For one of the latest challenges in Fortnite, players must deal damage to enemies while they are in the air. This challenge was released as part of Fortnite x dragon ball super collaboration and players will have to complete it to increase their power level.

The new event, which comes with the collaboration, allows players to complete challenges and receive many different cosmetic items for free, with the main reward being Shenron’s fantastic glider.

Dragon Ball has arrived on the island! Complete quests on Dragon Ball Adventure Island, use the Kamehameha ability, quickly move around the island with the Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) mobility item, and much more. All the information: Ball

If you want to know how to inflict damage to opponents while you are in the air, you are in the right place. This guide will explain everything you should do to complete the challenge and approach to unlock all rewards.

It’s easy to deal damage to opponents while in the air in Fortnite

Fortunately, there are several ways to inflict damage to opponents while you are in the air in Fortnite Battle Royale. This challenge came at the perfect time, as there are many different mobility items that allow players to get some air time.

The challenge will increase your power level by 2 million, allowing you to unlock more Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super cosmetic items. It can be found in the Agility Training section and completing three challenges from this section rewards players with a Dragon Ball.

To complete this challenge, you’ll want to use a shotgun for best results. The shotguns are slow shooting weapons with considerable damage, which makes them perfect for this challenge.

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To complete the challenge, you’ll need to deal a total of 200 damage, which can be easily accomplished with a few headshots. Fortunately, any damage to opponents while they’re in the air will count, so you can simply jump around the enemy in a close-range fight and easily complete this challenge.

In addition to the shotguns, Kamehameha’s ability is perfect to inflict damage to opponents in the air. The ability can only be used while floating and is capable of dealing over 200 damage in just a few seconds, an ideal alternative option for this challenge.

To inflict damage to opponents while you are in the air with the Kamehameha, you must first obtain the mythical object. You can buy it from special vending machines for 250 gold or find it in a capsule from Capsule Corporation that falls from the sky every few minutes.

The easiest way to complete the challenge.

If you want to complete this challenge with the minimum effort, you can choose to join a Team Rumble match. As soon as you leave the battle bus, you will receive a shotgun, which you can use to complete the challenge.

Also, this game mode allows respawns, which means you have multiple chances to complete this challenge in a single match. If you are eliminated by enemies, you will respawn and have another chance to complete the task.

In addition, there are many different mobility elements that can be used to complete this challenge. Shockwave Grenades, Pulse Grenades, and Shock Pads are currently volumeless, and can help launch you into the air and allow you to land an easy headshot on an enemy.

The challenge can be done with just a few precise hits from a shotgun, making it one of the easiest Fortnite challenges.

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