Fortnite collaborates with the Dragon Ball franchise

Fortnite collaborates with the Dragon Ball franchise
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Fortnite collaborates with the Dragon Ball franchise

Fortnite has announced a special collaboration event with the Dragon Ball anime franchise for its in-game universe and gameplay. It will feature the characters Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus for missions and special events, which are also available to purchase as skins in the Item Shop.

The online video game of Epic Games previously prominent figures of naruto shippuden this past June 2022.

Here’s a full list of the events and collaborations players can expect to see in Fortnite.

A new “Power Unleashed!” An event page has been created, allowing players to track their power level progress and participate in seven sets of Dragon Ball Battle Royale missions. They have been designed to test players’ strength, agility and concentration. With each mission completed, players will earn a Dragon Ball that increases their power level and unlock special rewards like Dragon Radar Back Bling, Emotes, Sprays, and Battle Pass levels.

dragon ball fortnite homepage image

The page will run for a limited time, with quests and rewards available until August 30, 2022 at 4:00am EST. Once players have completed their quests and collected all seven Dragon Balls, they will receive a special Shenron Glider.

fortnite x dragon ball shenron glider

As of August 19, 2022, Fortnite Players will also be able to explore iconic locations from the Dragon Ball franchise and locate the Dragon Balls in the Adventure Island event. Locations that players can visit will include Kami’s Palace, Goku’s House, and the Room of Spirit and Time. They will also be able to test their might in an open player versus player battlefield called “Tenkaichi Budokai”.

fortnite x dragon ball goku adventure island

Another special feature takes place inside Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode, where Bounty Boards have been temporarily replaced by Versus Boards for the Dragon Ball event. For Versus Boards, if two players interact, they will show up on each other’s maps and be given five minutes to meet and defeat each other to claim victory.

fortnite x dragon ball battle royale

For the Battle Royale itself, players will also be able to battle with Goku’s powers with his Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items at his disposal. In each match, players will be able to pick up these in-game items from Capsule Corp’s airdrops. More of these capsules will appear as the event progresses.

Meanwhile, from August 16 to September 17, Fortnite players can kick back and board a cruise ship by streaming episodes of the dragon ball super anime series Episodes 9, 10, 11, 13, 81 and 98 will stream for a limited time in the Discover section of Fortnite.

fortnite x dragon ball super episode streams

Dragon Ball Fans will also be able to interact with Bulma, who is located in the Kame House off the coast of the mainland island. If players want to give away some of their bars, they will be able to chat with the wandering Bulma, who will provide them with some very powerful items.

fortnite x dragon ball kame house bulma

Starting August 18, 2022 in all regions, players can also play the Tournament of Power Battle Royale Duos game to win amazing prizes. The top 50% of players on the main leaderboard will receive an Angry Vegeta emote, while players who scored eight points will earn Goku’s Kanji Banner icon. For players who got three points from Eliminations with a Kamehameha item, a Beerus Eating Spray will be given.

fortnite x dragon ball tournament of power

The Tournament of Power allows up to ten Fortnite matches within your region’s three-hour time frame, which can be found under the Compete tab in-game. Players must have two-factor authentication enabled and verified on their Epic account to participate. Your account must also be at level 50 or higher to be eligible for the tournament.

Lastly, to commemorate the Dragon Ball collaboration, the following skins can be purchased at FortniteArticle Shop:

Goku — Comes with Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct alternate styles and the built-in emote: Goku’s Charge Up

dragon ball x fortnite goku skin

Vegeta — Comes with Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved alternate styles, and the built-in emote: Vegeta’s Charge Up

dragon ball x fortnite vegeta skin

bulma — Comes with alternate style lab coat

fortnite x dragon ball bulma skin


dragon ball x fortnite beer skin

rear ornaments

  • • Power Pole (Nyoibo): A mysterious staff that Grandpa Gohan gave to Goku.
  • • The Seer Fish: Beerus’s forgetful prophet fish.
  • • Kamesennin Shell: Used by the Kamesennin himself.
fortnite x dragon ball back blings

Spikes, gliders and gestures

  • • Pico Power Pole (Nyoibo): a mysterious staff that Grandpa Gohan gave to Goku.
  • • Kamesennin’s Staff Pick: Used by Kamesennin himself.
  • • Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) Glider: A mysterious nimbus cloud that Kamesennin gave to Goku.
  • • Space Pod Glider: Mainly used to invade planets.
  • • Loading gesture: show them what you’re made of.
  • • Fusion! Ha! Emote: Do you remember the dance steps?
  • • Boost Ki Emote: Show your power.
fortnite x dragon ball pickaxes gliders emotes

*Universal charging emote sold separately*

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