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Call of Duty Aim Assist vs Mouse + Keyboard: What’s going on?

Call of Duty Aim Assist vs Mouse + Keyboard: What’s going on?
Written by ga_dahmani
Call of Duty Aim Assist vs Mouse + Keyboard: What’s going on?

in the world of Obligations, there is an ongoing debate between controller players, who have access to aim assist, and mouse and keyboard players over which side is truly dominated. There is a lot going on here, so in this article, We explain everything you need to know about the debate between Obligations aim assist vs mouse + keyboard.

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Is Call of Duty Aim Assist overloaded?

Many debate whether or not to target help in Obligations It is dominated. Unfortunately, there isn’t really an answer to this question, exactly. Aim assist cannot really be considered, objectively, as mastered or not. There’s not much of a standard that defines the strength of aim assist or how it works, and there’s much, much less change for aim assist in Cod over the years, many people act as if it exists, being largely the same.

However, aim assist is unavoidable when it comes to competitive controller-based gameplay. The fact is that a controller with joysticks is not a precision instrument. The nature of moving a joystick a certain distance to mirror your in-game character’s movement is inherently limited by the relatively small amount of travel a joystick has versus how precise you want your in-game movements to be.

This issue is fundamentally exacerbated by gamers often preferring to play at high sensitivities anyway and by how often lens acceleration is set in games for controllers. It makes it fundamentally very difficult for even a very skilled player to consistently hit their shots on a controller without aim assist.

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Depending on the game, player, and controller, it can be done, but there’s no point in designing one of the world’s most popular games around gameplay that isn’t fun or accessible to the overwhelming majority of gamers. , this is how aim assist was born. Expert and non-experienced gamers can use it to help reduce the inherent limitations of a controller.

And make no mistake Obligations it’s a controller game first and foremost. The vast majority of gamers play with the controller, and that’s not to mention that CDL pros should also use an Activision controller.

It’s one thing to dislike aim assist and prefer everyone to perform exactly as well as they can without assistance, but for a predominantly controller-played game where all controller players have the same assist, it’s hard to argue that it’s especially overpowered overpowered against what? Keyboard and mouse gamers?

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Is mouse + keyboard overloaded?

Most of the time, those who complain about aim assist are, unsurprisingly, keyboard and mouse gamers. Just like controller gamers are the first to complain that keyboard and mouse gamers are overpowered. But someone has to be right, who is? What is dominated?

It’s a bit of a complicated situation. For one thing, at a basic level, a mouse and keyboard are the superior input method. A mouse has a wide range of space it can travel, and you have fine-grain control over its sensitivity, so you can create precise movements from muscle memory and be considerably more precise than a controller gamer.

You also have access to a lot more buttons than a controller player, so you can make complicated moves happen much more easily, and you can even have finer-grained control over your character than you can on the controller, requiring less button presses to make things happen. .

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On the other hand, the mouse and keyboard are much more complicated to use, so the average gamer is usually less skilled than the average controller gamer. Plus, getting to the top end of mouse and keyboard performance often takes a lot of time and energy, tweaking, and even investment in your setup.

Given two very skilled players, one who has always played with keyboard and mouse and one who has always played with controller, the player with keyboard and mouse will always win, even with aim assist, but this situation will not happen as often.

So while it’s true that a super-skilled keyboard and mouse player may unfairly dominate a lobby based on their input method, you’re more likely to see average (or slightly below average) controller players using aim assist to have the advantage. about the average mouse and keyboard gamers.

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What this means is that, in a sense, both the mouse and the keyboard and the controller are overpowered. However, since controllers are the dominant input method, controller aim assist is unlikely to be nerfed. And while console gamers can reasonably disable cross-play to only play with other controller players (aside from the extremely rare player playing with mouse and keyboard on console), PC gamers can’t.

All of this, of course, is to ignore the other unfair advantages already present in ObligationsFor example, how some players can change the FOV and others can’t, or how some players have much higher frame rates than other players. This does not mean that these things are also call of Duty blame, but more to say that fundamentally with a game on many platforms with mass appeal, there will inevitably be elements of unfairness.

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