5 Seconds of Summer Star Michael Clifford Joins Dream SMP Minecraft Server


5 Seconds of Summer Star Michael Clifford Joins Dream SMP Minecraft Server

The Dream SMP focused on role-playing Minecraft server has had its fair share of guest stars, from massive streamers like Pokimane to popular musicians like Lil Nas X. Now a member of the hit band 5 Seconds of Summer has also joined the Minecraft server.

5 Seconds of Summer, also known as 5SOS, are one of the biggest bands in the world. The group catapulted to fame after joining One Direction on tour and since then they have continually made their way into the music world with massive success and hit after hit.

Screenshot via 5SOS on YouTube

The band consists of members Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Michael Clifford. On January 22, Twitch streamer Hannah Rose, who mostly does Minecraft content, it’s a Dream SMP Minecraft The server member and fan of the band shared a tweet asking for 5 Seconds of Summer to join Dream SMP.

Fellow member of Dream SMP and Minecraft creator Jack Manifold tagged Clifford under the tweet and asked if he’d be up for it. The musician replied that he would do it on January 24, but nothing happened for a while afterwards.

Manifold then continued to get closer, but due to the duo’s complex schedules, the collaboration didn’t actually take place. Now, the schedules have aligned and Clifford has officially joined the Dream SMP server as a special guest.

While other musicians added to the server were added only as guests and simply given tours of the venue, Manifold integrated Clifford into his character’s lore and thus gave him a kind of backstory. the Minecraft Star’s canon character felt completely isolated and it was only after destroying TommyInnit’s canon character hotel that he decided to visit the server spawn region as he pondered where everyone and everything began.

Once there, he wondered how he could spark new life and wished for a new friend while thinking of 5 Seconds of Summer, who are, according to Manifold, canonically his character’s favorite band. the Minecraft The star then said that his character could hear the band’s music in his mind, but he jokingly played an Imagine Dragons song.

Clifford then logged into the server with the name “notjackmanifold”. The duo then began wandering around the server as Manifold walked the musician through the steps of playing. Minecraft and explained some of the important server areas and events. Hannah Rose, Eryn, and awesamdude joined them at parts of the creek.

Screenshot via michaelclifford on Twitch

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Manifold also played music for the 5 Seconds of Summer star from other Dream SMP members during his travels. The music he played included songs by Dream, Technoblade’s “Blitz”, songs by Wilbur Soot’s band Lovejoy and BadBoyHalo’s song “Muffin” featuring Captain Puffy and Skeppy.

As a special guest on the server, Clifford can always return at a later date. Whether this was just a one-time occurrence, like with Lil Nas X, or if the musician will return at times, like with Corpse Husband, remains to be seen. But the musician seemed very interested in playing Dream SMP again in the future and Manifold said “it’s not necessarily a one-time thing” as he hopes to stream with him again.