Top 5 Minecraft XP Farms For Beginners In 2022

Top 5 Minecraft XP Farms For Beginners In 2022
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Top 5 Minecraft XP Farms For Beginners In 2022

XP, or experience points, is a core component in terms of progression in Minecraft. XP allows the player to perform a variety of activities such as enchanting their gear, repairing weapons, tools, armor pieces, and even naming (or renaming) items or gear tags.

XP can be obtained through a variety of methods such as killing mobs, cooking food, smelting ores, trading, and more. However, one of the most efficient ways to gain and maintain a steady stream of XP and loot is to farm XP.

These farms make use of the aforementioned activities to constantly produce large amounts of XP, which the player can collect from a specific location at any time of their choosing. This article will list five XP farms that are quite efficient and easy to build.

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Best Minecraft XP Farms for New Players

5) XP Automatic Fish Farm

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This automatic fish farm is one of the easiest XP fish farms to build in the current version of Minecraft. Players can set up this farm using some basic items and blocks like mining carts, hoppers, fishing rods, chests, signs, etc.

Players must build a small containment area with a one-block space in the middle. This is where a fish should be placed inside a water block with a sign to prevent the water from flowing out.

As players will see in the tutorial linked above, if they use their fishing pole on the exposed water block and wait, they can get fishing loot and a decent amount of XP.

4) Mob Generating XP Farm

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This mob farm skin is one of the most used farm skins in all of Minecraft. While it can be quite efficient and profitable, players will need to find a natural mob generator before they can attempt anything.

Once a generator has been found, players must dig around it and pour water into the corners of the room. The purpose of the water is to send the generated mobs to a specific location.

Once the layout is complete, players must make an opening or tunnel and a small area to kill the mobs spawned by the generator. This can be done manually or by using elements such as pistons.

3) Blaze XP Auto Farm

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Since llamas and llama spawners are only found in the lower dimension, Minecraft players are better off building this farm there. Blaze spawners are found inside nether fortresses. Therefore, players will need to find one and clear the area around it to build the structure to house the flame generator for the farm.

The spawner will stay on top, and a small 2×2 hole must be dug five or six blocks below, as well as pistons placed on the walls around the spawner. These pistons are automated to push newly generated flames into the confined space below. From here, players can kill llamas using manual or automatic means.

2) Farm Guardian XP

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Guardians are powerful hostile mobs in Minecraft that can only be found in or around ocean monuments. These mobs can deal a moderate amount of damage to the player, using two types of attacks: a laser and a defensive spike attack.

The guardian farm shown above has a simple layout that requires the player to build it near an ocean monument to allow guardians to spawn. However, one thing players will need to do is block all but one of the places where the guardian mob can appear.

After this, players must build an enclosure around the remaining spawn location and make a vertical tunnel leading upwards along with a column of bubbles, which can be made from soul sand. This is done to transport the guardians to a suitable location for the player to kill them for XP.

1) Gold XP Farm

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Gold is one of the most important resources in Minecraft and an essential material with which players can craft armor within the nether dimension. This Gold XP farm is fairly easy to build and involves a nether portal being lit up and broken over and over again. The portal has a huge frame that has two structures connected to it.

The first structure is a small hole that stores lava. One side of the structure has attached hatches that are adjacent to the lower portal. The lava that comes into contact with the trapdoor will light up the portal.

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The second structure has an automated contraption that allows the flow of water along with the illumination of the nether portal, breaking it once it has been illuminated by lava from the other side.

As the nether portal lights up, zombified piglins spawn. These mobs drop into a pre-built space, where the player can set up gadgets to kill them and earn XP. Loot from spawned mobs is collected in a set of chests located lower down and connected to the space above by hoppers.

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