The best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons


The best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

Finding the best weapon in Minecraft Dungeons can be the difference between success and failure, so here are the ones to look out for.

While Minecraft is all about building, Minecraft Dungeons is all about destruction. Or at least save innocent people and fight against vicious mobs. it’s exciting play that combines tactics with powerful armor and weapons to make you feel like a true hero.

However, it’s hard to feel like a true hero when you don’t have a weapon strong enough to take down the Arch-Illager. So if your weapon isn’t enough anymore, look for some of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons and watch the mobs disappear.

Poison Glaive

Poison Glaive Description

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Cover enemies in deadly poison with this great weapon.

When it comes to fighting large hordes of enemies, there are two ways to defeat them. One of those ways is to let them surround you and just hit them as fast as possible and the other is to form a train and hit when you can.

No matter which way you prefer to attack large groups, Venom Glaive will make it easier than ever. It can generate clouds of poison, damaging anyone within its range. On top of that, you also have a longer melee range, which means you can take out enemies before they hit you.

whispering spear

Whispering Spear Description

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Hit several times with this fantastic weapon.

The Whispering Spear is a unique weapon that seems to know when you need it to start getting more powerful. It feels like every time enemies start to overpower you, this spear uses its double strike ability and takes down some of them without much effort.

That, combined with the long range and fantastic melee damage, will allow you to charge in and take down mobs without thinking. He also looks amazing when you fight him.

brand of fire

Description of Firebrand

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Deal lasting damage to enemies while attacking with this axe.

Firebrand is the type of weapon that you should keep if you are lucky enough to acquire it.

These powers and damage allow you to hit once and let the enemy take damage for a few seconds afterward. It can often be the difference between taking down that boss or getting yourself taken down.

Elite Power Bow

Description Elite Power Bow

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Shoot strong and safe with this powerful bow.

Sometimes skills can make or break a weapon, but the strongest tools often don’t need much for them. All they need to be able to do is take down an enemy quickly and safely. Nothing says security like being as far away from the threat as possible.

The Elite Power Bow doesn’t have too many special abilities. Instead, it focuses primarily on damage and a lot of it. This is one of the most powerful weapons in Minecraft Dungeons and is often capable of hitting enemies in one hit when fate lines up; keep it at all costs.


whirlwind description

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Drive the enemy away with this powerful weapon.

When dealing with close-range enemies is too much, all you need to do is whip out the Whirlwind hammer and let it decimate the playing field.

Along with powerful melee damage capabilities, the whirlwind has an ability that launches shockwaves, sending the enemy flying when activated. This, combined with its spin attack, makes it a versatile and deadly weapon, perfect for fighting any of the tougher bosses.

thief of heart

Claymore Heartstealer weapon in Minecraft Dungeons

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Heal and hit at the same time with this nifty Claymore.

Health is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft Dungeons. It is literally the difference between life and death and being low on health will put you at a considerable disadvantage in battle.

However, with a powerful and unique weapon like Heartstealer, you no longer have to worry about health. Heartstealer can draw health from mobs to you, that is, with every hit you heal. It not only restores your health, but also knocks back mobs when you hit them, allowing for greater recovery and dominance over the battlefield.

imploding crossbow

Description of the imploding crossbow

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Bring the enemy towards you with this crossbow.

While many other unique and powerful weapons boast of being able to push enemies away, the Imploder Crossbow actually does the opposite. Whenever you hit, in addition to having explosive arrows, you will also pull enemies towards you.

This is great for any co-op battle, as you can stand behind your allies and pull them into melee players. Tactics and a powerful weapon cause serious damage.

gravity hammer

Gravity Hammer Description

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Feel like a god with this weapon in your hands.

Feel like Thor with this beautiful but deadly hammer. The Gravity Hammer will pull enemies in and give you the ability to smash the group, dealing heavy splash damage and taking out multiple enemies at once.

It’s a slower weapon, but when used correctly and with technique, it can take down tougher enemies like the god of thunder.

Lightning Harp Crossbow

Lightning Harp Crossbow Description

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Shoot lightning at enemies with this awesome weapon.

Bows can be a risky way to fight. They force you to stay relatively far from the enemy and usually require you to run a lot, which can put you in a dangerous position.

That said, if you’re wielding a weapon like the Lightning Harp Crossbow, then you’ll feel much more secure. This is mainly due to the fact that it deals impressive damage, fires multiple projectiles, and has a chance to ricochet off other enemies. All of that combined with the stunning design makes it worth having.

cursed ax

Cursed Ax Description

Mojang Studios / Xbox Game Studios / Double Eleven

Blast enemies with the cursed axe.

The cursed ax is not as bad as it seems, it is more of a curse for the enemy than for the one who wields it.

This is due to the high melee damage it is capable of, as well as the fact that when you kill an enemy, it will explode and deal damage to everything around it. It’s like an added advantage to your attack. This, and the spin attack, make the Cursed Ax one of the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons.

Those were the best weapons in Minecraft Dungeons. Why not check out some of these while you wait to get some of those unique wish items?

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