How to complete the Dragon Ball combat practice missions in Fortnite

How to complete the Dragon Ball combat practice missions in Fortnite
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How to complete the Dragon Ball combat practice missions in Fortnite

Fortnite cross event with Dragon Ball has introduced seven event quests for players to complete, with the combat practice sets challenging players to meet their opponents head-on in battle. As the name suggests, the five missions in Combat Practice are set to share a focus on challenging other players using Fortnite new Versus Battles mechanic, dealing damage to opponents, and perhaps most important of all, winning. Players can now complete Fortnite x Dragon Ball’s Warmup Quest prepared to get acquainted with all the new items and mechanics introduced during this crossover event. In exchange for completing quests, players will earn Power Level Points, allowing them to earn various special rewards exclusive to the event.


Fortnite x Dragon Ball is one of the most significant Fortnite Crossover events in a long time, introducing dozens of new challenges for players to complete and unique cosmetics to collect. This crossover goes beyond the limits of Fortnite traditional Battle Royale mode, with players also able to watch episodes of Dragon Ball in custom levels and join the Tournament of Power, a new limited-time competitive playlist. Completing challenges earns players power level points, which contribute to increasing players’ power levels, allowing them to unlock special event cosmetics under the Unleashed Power! tab in the game lobby.

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Players must equip Fortnite best new weapons to gain an advantage over your opponents as combat practice missions are all about combat. Although there are only five missions in this set, some of them feature multiple stages and require a bit of effort and patience from players to complete.

Join Versus Battles in 2, 5 and 10 different matches

A great first step is for players to become familiar with the mechanics of Versus Battles. To access Versus Battles, players must first locate and interact with a Versus Board, which can be found throughout the Fortnite island where bounty boards were previously placed. When interacting with a Versus Board, another player in the same match is randomly selected and asked if they would like to battle. If they agree to participate, both players reveal themselves on each other’s maps, allowing them to track each other down for a fight. Of course, players will want to grab Fortnite powerful exotic weapons and get ready for these battles.

Versus Battles is subject to some caveats that players should be aware of. There is nothing to stop other players from taking out players’ rivals before they fight; if they do, neither player receives any rewards. On top of that, Versus Battles have a five-minute time limit, and the system doesn’t always match players with rivals that are nearby. As such, getting to a rival on the other side of the island can be a bit of a pain.

However, this quest is more time-consuming than a true challenge, as players don’t necessarily need to win or even find their rival. All this quest seems to require is for players to interact with a Versus Board once each match. Of course, it’s best to arm yourself and even grab Darth Vader’s lightsaber if possible, but players will still progress on this quest even if they lose. Unfortunately, there are no cheats players can use to save time here, and playing a total of 17 matches over three quest stages (2, 5, and 10) is sure to get a bit boring, even for the most hardcore. Fortnite fans.

Damage an enemy player before taking damage in 3 different matches

This quest can be a bit confusing, as it’s not immediately clear if players need to damage opponents before they’ve taken damage in a match or if players need to damage opponents before they can damage the player. Either way, it doesn’t make much of a difference to the player’s strategy. The best approach is to avoid crowded landing spots and pick a landing zone with only a few players nearby. Some of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 tends to be a good place for quiet drops.

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Once players have landed, they can take a couple of different approaches: grab a shotgun or SMG to sneak up on nearby players and catch them off guard or grab a sniper rifle and climb onto the nearest roof. The latter approach allows players to shoot opponents from a distance, which may be better for this quest, as distant opponents are less likely to notice the player before taking damage. This quest isn’t particularly difficult, as it only requires players to do this in three separate matches rather than asking them to deal a specific amount of total damage.

Deal 300 damage to players with the Kamehameha

The majority Dragon Ball fans will probably want to pick up the special Kamehameha item as often as possible, and for good reason: it does a lot of damage. Fortnite x Dragon Ball had to include Kamehameha, given its iconic status, and its implementation in Fortnite does not disappoint. The Kamehameha appears as a special event item in Fortniteand players can find it by looting new Capsule Corp capsules that drop in each match, or they can purchase it for gold bars from Bulma or one of the three Dragon Ball vending machines.

Doing 300 damage isn’t particularly difficult, as the Kamehameha does a lot of damage in one go. The only trick here is that players need to be careful when using it. The attack has a reasonably long string with an accompanying sound effect taken directly from the anime, making it less than ideal for surprise attacks.

Win 1 and 3 Versus Battles

Given the number of Versus Battles required to complete Combat Practice Missions, players should aim to have at least one active each time they play. Of course upgrade to Fortnite Exceptionally powerful mythic weapons can help a lot, but other than that, winning a Versus battle is essentially a matter of practicing the basics of Battle Royale. Also, facing a rival Versus Battle is more difficult than facing other opponents; both players will be visible on each other’s maps, making sneaking up on a rival extremely difficult.

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The best approach is to play in Zero Build mode, as this prevents other players from protecting themselves by building walls. Versus Battles tend to favor aggressive strategies that involve running directly at opponents; even if stealth is not possible, players can still surprise their opponents by throwing everything they have at them. If players manage to complete a Versus Battle, they should try to locate another Versus Board, as they can participate in more than one Versus Battle per match.

Complete 3 combat practice missions

Unfortunately, completing Combat Practice missions will not help players unlock Fortnite Dragon Ball character skins, as they must be purchased with V-Bucks. However, completing three combat practice missions will reward the player with a Dragon Ball. Also, as more mission sets are introduced in Fortnite x Dragon Ballplayers will eventually be able to collect 7 Dragon Balls and earn the exclusive Shenron Glider.

Most of the combat practice missions are not very difficult; most require the player to spend a fair amount of time participating in Versus Battles rather than performing incredible feats of marksmanship or making it to the top 5. Players don’t necessarily have to complete these missions all at once though, as they have almost two weeks. to enjoy everything Fortnite new Dragon Ball cross content.

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