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From the bottom of his career to starring in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’

From the bottom of his career to starring in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’
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From the bottom of his career to starring in Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’

South African-raised actress Ayushi Chhabra had hit rock bottom in her life. Her career was uncertain when the Covid-19 pandemic started and she had to return home after making some progress in Los Angeles (LA) in her career as an actress.

However, this would all change when Chhabra was cast on Netflix. demonic resident, which began airing in July. The actress told us all about being a part of a big-budget adaptation series.

Q&A with South African actress Ayushi Chhabra:

Question: When will the role of Dr. Amrita Singh on Netflix demonic resident arrived, you hit rock bottom in your life, tell us a little more about it and how this role has changed aspects of your career.

Answer: That’s how it is. I had just moved from Los Angeles to SA. After living alone for seven years, I found myself at home with my parents at the age of 30, with a very uncertain future. When demonic resident It happened, it came like a ray of hope. He brought my acting career back to life. I can’t express the level of gratitude I felt to be able to work on set again.

We shot this series during the height of the pandemic, at a time when many people were losing their jobs, so for me to be able to work and also do something I love was a huge blessing. Because of this experience and this credit on my resume, I was able to return to Los Angeles and continue my journey as an active actor.

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Q: Were you a fan of the zombie franchise? demonic resident when Milla Jovovich directed the movies?

A: I had heard of the franchise, but hadn’t seen any movies or played any of the games. I’m the biggest fan of the show we filmed that sparked my interest in the franchise, and now I’m going to watch the movies.

Q: from Netflix demonic resident The series takes place 14 years after the deadly virus broke out. Playing the character of a scientist responsible for finding a cure, was there any kind of research you did to prepare for this role?

A: Ironically, we shot this show at a time when we were actually fighting a virus, so the fear, the urgency, the need to protect the family – those instincts came naturally while playing Amrita. On top of that, in order to accurately portray the role of a scientist, I went through laboratory training and learned how to use laboratory tools. I researched scientific and medical jargon, learned how to fight zombies in my stunt workshops.

I also had to get prosthetics at some point, so that was an interesting experience as well.

Q: What are Dr. Amrita Singh’s best and hardest roles?

A: The hardest part was learning the stunts to fight a zombie. I’m not very versed in stunts and action sequences, so it was my first time doing that. I’m so hooked now! I would love to learn more. And the best thing about playing Dr. Amrita Singh was that she’s a family girl like me. She cares deeply about her loved ones, she wants to protect them at all costs and that is her driving force in her life, just like me.

Q: Behind the scenes, what was it like filming a Netflix production?

A: It is very well organized, thoroughly researched and there is great attention to detail. The series was shot in Cape Town, and the core team we worked with was Moonlighting Films (a South African production company) and they were phenomenal. From accommodation, meals, rehearsals and workshops to the day of the shoot, the coordination was excellent. As a South African, I am very proud of this team for handling an international production with such flair. I haven’t seen such smooth execution even in Los Angeles.

Q: Since the release of the Netflix series demon resident, What kind of feedback have you received?

A: The series was number one on Netflix in the US and UK the week it premiered. I have been overwhelmed with positive feedback. Whether someone is a die-hard fan of the franchise or new to it, everyone can easily follow along and relate to the story. It has the scares, the special effects, the unpredictability factor but also, a human element never seen before in the franchise.

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Q: Is it important to you to showcase Indian actors, languages ​​and diversity in the mainstream entertainment industry?

A: Absolutely. I think this series did an excellent job of having such a diverse cast. I was born in India and raised in South Africa. The actor who played my husband is South African. The actor who played Ella Balinska’s husband is a Pakistani Canadian. She herself is from the UK and we absolutely need more shows like this that have such a diverse cast. The more we see that on screen, the more audiences will get used to it and that will open up more opportunities for actors of color.

Q: Are there any future roles that we can expect from you?

A: my feature film love me Stupid will be released in the fall of this year on streaming platforms. On top of that, I’m back in hustle mode, auditioning for more sci-fi roles. Let’s see what the cards have in store.

Q: Five things people need to know about you?


  1. My family is above everything. I would sacrifice anything for them.
  2. I am a hopeless romantic. Like completely desperate haha.
  3. I’m terrified of reptiles.
  4. I am a new but committed vegan. One day I would like to open a wellness temple with affordable and accessible classes in yoga, meditation, dance, art and therapy, where anyone can come to find ways to heal, recover, find their joy and peace and leave feeling lighter and happier. .

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