Fortnite’s Dragon Ball event just convinced all the Fortnite haters to play

Fortnite’s Dragon Ball event just convinced all the Fortnite haters to play
Written by ga_dahmani
Fortnite’s Dragon Ball event just convinced all the Fortnite haters to play

I’m not an Fortnite player. I don’t like to play online multiplayer games with anyone, because they stress me out. Also, I’m terrible with them. I’m especially terrible at Fortnitethe real battlestyle game that has been a sensation for years, even the non-competitive modes, such as a challenge in the game created in 2020 by the Biden campaign. (Finding all 10 of Kamala’s slippers in the city was very upsetting.)

But I’m a fan of anime and I’m proud of it. As soon as my sister and I got home from school, we’d turn on Cartoon Network’s anime block, Toonami. we would see Dragon BallY Dragon Ball Zand occasionally Dragon Ball GT, its non-canonical sequel, jubilantly. Tuning in every day to watch that franchise and many other (arguably better) shows are lasting memories that I will treasure forever.

After all, anime fans are nothing but deeply loyal. So are people who play video games, with an added dash of self-loathing and/or anger… but I digress. epic Games, FortniteThe incredibly wealthy and incredibly smart developer has taken advantage of the nature of these and other fandoms several times before, with great results. Previous characters have been included with whom you could dress up narutoit’s Naruto; rick and mortyfrom Rick and Morty; SpidermanSpider Man; and Ariana Grande, who is a real person but also basically a character, really. But nothing has been as flashy and money-grabbing as the latest Fortnite event: Dragon Ball themed content.

Dragon Ball heroes can now be played on Fortnite for a limited time, bringing one of the most successful and iconic anime in history to one of the biggest games in history. The crossover is in honor of the latest Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Super: Superherowhich opens in theaters this weekend.

When the Fortnite The Twitter account teased the event last week with a family image—a silhouette of the anime’s titular dragon— the response was one of intense emotion. The post garnered more than 300,000 likes, dozens of times more than the average. Fortnite Cheep; the answers were full of memes, applause and exclamation points.

I rarely say this, but: count me among them. Dragon Ball video the games are… not great. Rarely do they capture the gloriously over-the-top action of the series itself, which blends alien lore with incredible martial arts stunts, and some goofy comedy and superheroes, too. As infamously slow as anime tends to move, its development always seems to pay off when the fight scenes are so iconic and absurd. Official video games often maintain that icy pace without that satisfying payoff, thanks to ugly graphics or poor gameplay.

Y FortniteAlthough I suck, it’s an objectively fun game. The gameplay is clear, varied and well designed. You can play the simple, classic survival mode (last one standing wins), or you can kick back and run around with your friends in more free and low-key modes. You can make your character do famous dance steps to songs you recognize. You can build a research center for a local historically black university on the Joe Biden campaign, for God’s sake. Fortnite it’s a game where a giant Travis Scott can give a concert, and it’s not even weird (or life-threatening).

And now, Fortnite is a game where Venom can use the kamehameha, Dragon Ball’s most iconic fighting move, against Darth Vader.

Space Jam: A New Legacy star Lebron James can also use it.

Goku, the star of the entire Dragon Ball franchise, can dance with Doja Cat.

His sworn nemesis turned brother-in-law Vegeta is also an amazing dancer.

Goku can hang out with Ghost Rider, Rick, and Doctor Strange to watch a selection of Dragon Ball episodes at one of Fortnitenon-competitive areas.

This is an anime/cartoon/superhero/video game nerd’s dream, made even better by the presence of something as fantastically nostalgic as Dragon Ball. The only problem is that Fortnite, even though it’s a free game, it charges money to access this licensed content… which means I’ll have to go ahead and log in and spend some money, just to get Goku to do the Carlton dance. It’s worth it.

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