Fortnite’s charging SMG is secretly great, and now it’s even better

Fortnite’s charging SMG is secretly great, and now it’s even better
Written by ga_dahmani
Fortnite’s charging SMG is secretly great, and now it’s even better

When Epic added the new Charge SMG to the Fortnite loot pool this season, pretty much everyone reacted the same way: “What the heck is this and why would I even bother with it?” The very sight of the thing, which required players to pull the trigger to load up a long, impossibly fast burst of bullets, was met with revulsion.

The people I play with wouldn’t even touch the thing, and that still seems to be the predominant wisdom in Reddit and other places where people talk about Fortnite with each other. It has its defenders, of course, nothing is ever Really universally hated, but are usually stifled by the haters.

Despite all the rhetoric, I had some success with the thing, getting a few win kills shortly after the weapon was added to the game in July. But then I stopped using it, a combination of the general disdain and the rarity of the weapon poisoning my mind against it. And I went back like everyone else, audibly taunting every time a charged SMG popped out of a loot chest.

But no more than that. I recently got back on the Charge SMG train and I don’t want to get off. and even though i can feel just in my enjoyment of this thing, I actually have some good company on my side: both Loserfruit Y ninja they have produced videos where they were pleasantly surprised by the thing.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if Epic skipped this thing at the end of the season due to all the complaints, I hope it sticks around a bit longer so I can continue to enjoy this weapon.

Let’s get into the technical details for a second. The way the Charge works is that you hold down the trigger to generate a burst of fire: the longer you hold it, the more bullets are included in the burst, up to a full 30-shot clip. It takes just under 2.5 seconds to charge and around 1.5 seconds to fire the burst (that’s extremely fast). A quick pull of the trigger will fire a three-round burst. Weapon quality does NOT affect reload speed or rate of fire, although better qualities will reload faster and have improved stability, as with all weapons in Fortnite. A blue quality charge SMG will kill a fully shielded and overshielded target in 15 shots, half clip.

And it just got a buff with update 21.40: epic “greatly” reduced its recoil. After some testing, I feel like that might be an understatement, because it’s more like they almost completely eliminated his vertical recoil. It still comes out like a squirt, so it’s not extremely accurate at range, but firing it isn’t like riding a bull at the rodeo anymore.

Ariana Grande wields the fearsome charge SMG
Ariana Grande wields the fearsome charge SMG

I think the hate for the Charge SMG is mostly a mental block. The weapon is different, and its purpose is not immediately obvious because it seems difficult to use. Sure, Fortnite has had a charge shotgun before, but the two don’t feel similar because the shotgun only charges a single powerful shot instead of a burst of fire that you have to keep your aim on at all times, not the easiest of tasks. with a moving target. And frankly, this thing doesn’t fit right into most playstyles because it’s a counter-intuitive weapon.

But luckily for me, it fits right in with mine as a controller player who prefers close to mid-range fights where I slide and climb a lot. I couldn’t hit the wide side of a barn with a DMR if my life depended on it, so I let my friends draw the enemy’s attention with random shots as I sneak around the side or rear. I walk up and unload before people even know I’m there. And to thatthere’s nothing remotely matching the Charge SMG’s ability to take people out.

Yes, people can hear the hiss of the weapon when holding the charge, but it’s easy to miss when getting shot at, as there’s no accompanying visual ping for those who have the audio visual setting enabled. And anecdotally, I’ve faced other players using a Charge so rarely that I’m not sure most players really appreciate its threat. It could be that people hate him so much that they don’t respect him, which leaves a huge opportunity for those who are skilled with this.

I think there’s a bit of conventional Fortnite wisdom that also gets in the way: that for close-range battles, you should open with a shotgun blast and then switch to an SMG for a quick finish. The Charge SMG isn’t great if that’s how you want to operate it, but I’ve always done the opposite: empty an SMG magazine and then clean it out, ideally, with a single shot from the shotgun. I’ve been surprisingly effective using a charge SMG in that build over the last few weeks.

I think the Charge SMG doesn’t have to be doomed to live in ignominy in the Fortnite weapons dump. I think the rest of you can have as much fun with this as I do. But I’ll be honest: if everyone wants to keep ignoring and underestimating this absolute unit of weapon, that works fine for me too.

But please Epic, at least keep it for next season too. Don’t let the haters win.

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