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Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil have come full circle

Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil have come full circle
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Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil have come full circle

Since the dawn of entertainment, horror has been one of the most popular genres. Whether it’s movies, TV shows, books, or even video games, horror has persisted and remains one of the most profitable and beloved genres out there. But as is the case with all immensely popular genres, there are sure to be a variety of sub-genres, and horror is no different. Psychological horror, body horror, slow-burn, and the monster are just a few examples that are prevalent across media. But survival horror is a subgenre that has remained intrinsically tied to the video game industry, with its roots going back to the earliest days of gaming with titles like Alone in the dark Y demonic resident.


Although the survival horror game genre had been around for about a decade before, the 1992 Alone in the dark set a new precedent for the genre and laid the foundation for all subsequent survival horror titles, including the most popular survival horror series of all time, demonic resident. But with the recently announced Alone in the dark reboot, it looks like both franchises have come full circle.

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Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil have come full circle

First Alone in the dark The game, released in 1992, is widely considered to be the first survival horror game to use 3D graphics. Absolutely innovative for the time, Alone in the dark used pre-rendered backgrounds with 3D polygonal character models pasted on top. As players moved their character between rooms, the camera angle changed and the background changed, now showing a new environment. It’s pretty primitive compared to modern survival horror titles, but for its time, Alone in the dark it was immensely impressive, and the rest of the industry took notice immediately.

Around the time of Alone in the dark‘s, Capcom began work on the first demonic resident play. According to series creator Shinji Mikami, the release of Alone in the dark had a monumental impact on demonic residentdevelopment of Before the development team had played Alone in the dark, demonic resident was planned to be a first person shooter, but after playing the game, demonic resident he quickly switched to a fixed camera angle, third-person survival horror.

The influences did not stop there. First demonic resident apparently it takes quite a bit of general DNA from that first Alone in the dark play. Both games are set in a spooky mansion, filled with hidden rooms and antiques, and in both games players attempt to complete a series of obtuse puzzles while fending off monsters.

but like him Alone in the dark series faded into obscurity over the next decade or so, the demonic resident franchise only continued to grow. Over the next two decades, the demonic resident The franchise would evolve quite a bit, moving from a fixed-perspective camera to a behind-the-shoulder third-person angle. The tone of the series would also change a bit, heading more into action territory than pure survival horror. And now the demonic resident The most successful recent entries in the franchise have been remakes of the second and third games, with Capcom recreating them from scratch to retain the same survival horror atmosphere of the originals while transforming them into modern third-person shooters.

a new Alone in the dark A new version has just been announced and, in a unique twist of fate, it takes direct inspiration from the recent demonic resident remakes Although the general outline of the plot will be the same and similar events will occur, this Alone in the dark The reboot is being done from scratch, swapping the original’s fixed perspective for an over-the-shoulder angle, and that’s not where the similarities end. Based on the images released so far, it looks like this Alone in the dark reboot is trying to mimic the lighting, monster design, and atmosphere of the demonic resident redo Then, while Alone in the dark may have influenced demonic residentSnows demonic resident that’s inspiring Alone in the darkcompleting the circle of both franchises.

Alone in the dark is currently in development for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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