When will the servers be operational again?

When will the servers be operational again?
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When will the servers be operational again?

Downtime for the Fortnite v21.40 update will start soon. The servers will go offline at 3:30am Eastern Time, with main downtime beginning at 4:00am sharp. Depending on which platform receives updates first, players may have to wait 30 minutes or more to start seeing leaks.

That said, information about the content of the update is generally quite limited. While there are a few hints here and there, users don’t know the full extent of what’s to come. Well, this time, things are a little different.

Me! Let’s go! Update v21.40 will be released on August 16! Downtime begins at 04:00 ET (08:00 UTC), with matchmaking disabled 30 minutes prior.

Thanks to the hype surrounding the dragon ball super collaboration, everything, including the proverbial kitchen sink, has been leaked. However, nothing will be in the game until the grueling downtime and update is complete.

When will Fortnite update v21.40 downtime end?

Since the v21.40 update contains the dragon ball super collaboration, things can take a while. With a lot of things to check and implement in the game, the downtime can last more than two hours.

If this is the case, the servers should be up and running by 7:00 AM Eastern Time.

Players should remember that it may take longer than stipulated. However, even if things take longer, those in the Eastern time zone will wake up just in time to jump on the hype train and dive into the game.

Expected content for the v21.40 Fortnite update

As mentioned, Fortnite leakers don’t get much information about the content of major updates. During the last few updates, everything has been based on logical speculation.

However, this time, someone found out about Epic Games and leaked all the details.

1) dragon ball super collaboration/cosmetics

The mythical Halloween broom will turn into a mythical flying Nimbus!

Thanks to the leaked trailer, leakers have been able to dissect and identify everything that goes into the game with the collaboration. Starting off strong, it can be confirmed that Halloween Broom Mythic will be changed to Flying Nimbus Mythic.

Capsule Corp and World Tournament can appear as points of interest on the island or in creative mode. Goku’s Kamehameha attack may appear as a myth in the game, but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

RUMOR: More details about Fortnite X Dragon Ball!- MYTHIC: Kamehameha- GLIDERS: Flying Nimbus & Saiyan Pod- EMOTE: Fusion DanceYou will be able to see anime scenes with other players! Please note that this is still just a rumor. (via @AirDokkan & @Luca_dokkan)

Going back to Goku, the character will supposedly have four different styles in the game. Vegeta will have three, while Bulma and Beerus will each have one.

In addition to skins/outfits, a host of other cosmetics are also coming to the Item Shop.

2) Daily bloomgle

After being added to the island as a special POI for the Spider-Man crossover in Chapter 3 Season 1, The Daily Bugle has long served its purpose. According to leaks, the developers are aware of this and will change it in the v21.40 Fortnite update.

Since a reality tree has been generated here, it will likely switch to other POI variants. According to rumours, some have suggested that it be replaced entirely with a dragon ball super PDI, although that remains to be seen.

At the moment, the first theory is true.

3) Rift Tour 2.0

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, there is a small chance that information related to Rift Tour 2.0 will be released during this update. Given that a stage was set up for No Sweat Summer, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to imagine a concert at POI.

Marshmello and Billie Eilish are the top two choices for artists rumored to be performing in the game soon. However, readers should take this information with a grain of salt as there are currently no in-game files to support this theory.

4) Bug fixes

Bugs will be fixed in tomorrow’s v21.40 update!

With Fortnite update 21.40 being a major update of the season, it’s obvious that the developers will try to implement some bug/glitch fixes during downtime. So far, five repairs have been confirmed:

  • The device used for voice chat cannot be changed.
  • PS5 players cannot assign items to the creative hotbar using the L2+ button.
  • Prop Mover Device is missing several options.
  • Ravens and other wild animals have lower spawn/drop rates than anticipated.
  • PSA: Decreased performance and FPS.

As mentioned, readers should take this information with a grain of salt until the game is officially available after the update, and they can confirm any and all additions/changes for themselves.

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