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What your favorite horror game series says about you

What your favorite horror game series says about you
Written by ga_dahmani
What your favorite horror game series says about you

Horror games can be, and often are, downright negative experiences, but we all keep coming back to them year after year. There have been tons of awesome horror games and of course success also means sequels. If everyone were honest with themselves, they would admit to having a favorite horror series.

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The reason for this is because of all the different creepy ways that games can make your spine tingle. I guess you could say that video game fans are like horror games, they come in many different varieties and all have something unique to offer whether someone likes it or not. Here are some popular series choices and what they reveal about your personality.


10 Resident Evil – You love exaggerated situations

While there’s a pretty solid divide in the Resident Evil fanbase between loving the first few entries or the last few entries, it’s safe to say that even during the terrifying beginnings, everyone was action-packed.

In the first game, you end up fighting the final boss with a rocket launcher to escape, something that caught on. Then there are the jet skis, rock smashes, and literal shark jumps to experience much later in the series. You love all ridiculous situations, and that’s nothing to apologize for.

9 Left 4 Dead – Trying to live your dreams

Running into hordes of the undead with a group of your friends sounds like exactly the kind of thing a lot of people dream of. The good guy from Left 4 Dead is kind of a sinister version of the classic action hero wishes that many have.

Still, most people love games because every time they launch a campaign, they’re living that dream. No one would be able to pull off what the characters do, but that’s fine. Boomers and Jockeys may keep you down for a bit, but just like The Goonies, Zombie Hunters never say die.

8 The Dark Pictures Anthology – You love a scary movie

Dark Pictures_ House Of Ashes PS5 File Size Leaked

Why go to all the effort of learning a new horror game’s controls and sometimes weird mechanics when you can just watch most of your favorite horror games? Yes, you still have to get proficient at difficult QTEs, but you can enjoy the atmosphere much more with Dark Pictures.

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Each game can play out differently depending on your actions, so it’s almost like watching several different movies. Fans of this series have an encyclopedic knowledge of horror that would even keep them safe during a phone call with Ghostface.

7 Outlast – Normal Horror Isn’t Enough Anymore

You’ve done it. You’ve played just about every horror title on offer and nothing can scare you anymore. Thanks to horror feeling old, you have no choice but to turn to one of the most disturbing horror franchises of all time.

A lot of people thought Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 was bad, but they hadn’t experienced anything until they were introduced to the horrors of Outlast. You’ll probably enjoy the game a bit, which should concern most people, but that’s just the life of a horror fan, right?

6 Fatal Frame – The store didn’t have the game you wanted

You are one of the brave souls who picked up the oft-ignored Fatal Frame series, and you love every entry. The game store really must have been low on stock that day, huh? The games are great, but the average gamer probably hasn’t tried any of them.

The series is often talked about when horror fans are looking for a fresh take on classic gaming formulas. Still, you were probably looking for the newest Resident Evil, only the store was sold out, but still had plenty of copies of Fatal Frame.

5 Silent Hill – You love to be confused with confidence

Whether any of us are fully aware of it or not, a lot happens in the Silent Hill franchise. You can beat every game in the series and still be confused about what exactly has been going on. Is this franchise supposed to be for beginners?

You’re confident in your skills to get through some of the toughest challenges and difficulty levels in gaming, but you’re still not sure what Silent Hill is. Does the town really exist, or is it some kind of entity that only those who have been victims of its calls know about? I’ll probably never know, but maybe you will.

4 Telltales The Walking Dead – You Like Being Hurt

The entire Walking Dead series could have been happily called The Adventures of Surrogate Parents Lee and Clementine, and you still would have enjoyed every second of the dark tales within each season.

Whether it’s the chapter-by-chapter gut punches that come your way or the heartbreaking final moments at the end of seasons, you really like to be hurt by these games. It’s a good pain, as opposed to the pain that tends to come with long runs of the beloved TV show.

3 Dead Space – You loved Alien Growing Up

Before Alien: Isolation came out, there really weren’t that many good video games for the Alien franchise. Thanks to that lack of games, many fans of that series had to turn to Dead Space to live out their horrible space survival dreams.

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You never stop talking about that classic chest-bursting scene, which makes the opening scare of Dead Space 2, where everything goes wrong almost immediately, a fantastic moment. Even better, the quality of the Dead Space games continued to match the quality of the Alien series movies.

two Clock Tower – You have to be different

You could have picked any of the easily accessible and classic horror titles to love, but you picked Clock Tower. Forget the fact that a lot of people haven’t even heard of the series, and the fact that one of the games is exclusive to Japan, but the series hasn’t had a new mainline entry since 2002.

The games generally functioned as point-and-click adventures in which a helpless girl avoided the uniquely designed Scissorman. Who needs zombies when you’ve got a hunchback with some really big scissors? You don’t, because you’re different.

1 Five Nights At Freddy’s – You Watch Too Much YouTube

Anyone who has experienced a Five Nights At Freddy’s game can admit that they are fun little horror experiences. Their short nature ensures that the gimmick doesn’t go out of style, and the hard-core nature of the games keeps them replayable.

With that said, the games really only got noticed thanks to a couple of key creators on YouTube. If it’s your favorite series, you probably watch too much YouTube, but it might be for the best because you know exactly when to expect the jumpscares.

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