Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Edition Servers in 2022

Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Edition Servers in 2022
Written by ga_dahmani
Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Edition Servers in 2022

Servers make Minecraft so much more fun. It’s fun to play a single player world and relax and not worry about anyone else, but it’s a great game to play with friends.

Multiplayer worlds or even realms can have up to ten friends joining, which is a good number, but servers have access to many more.

They can have thousands of users, which makes for a unique and usually awesome experience. Minecraft with lots of friends is fine, but playing with an inordinate number of people is something else.

Java Edition is easier to access servers, largely because it’s already on a computer, and most Bedrock editions aren’t. However, there are still plenty of Bedrock servers out there that are pretty good.

Minecraft 2022: Bedrock servers you have to try right now

5) Purple Prison

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Purple Prison is widely considered the best prison server and one of the best servers overall. It is the gold standard for bedrock and prison servers across the board.

This server has a long-standing reputation as one of the best, which means that it has been kept in high quality for a long time thanks to the dedicated team.

It also has a stellar community behind it. Tons of great players have gotten involved with this server. Most of those who try it don’t feel the need to go to another server because they find everything they need in high quality form on Purple Prison.

4) Minplex

Mineplex has long been a top destination server for many players due to various game modes. One of the biggest benefits of this server is the sheer size.

Matchmaking is often not an issue for this server, and that’s especially true for its most prominent mode: The Hunger Games. It’s good for all modes, but Hunger Games is one of the best and most popular.

3) Grand Theft Mining Cart

GTA recreated in-game (Image via Grand Theft Minecart)
GTA recreated in-game (Image via Grand Theft Minecart)

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game franchises out there. This is despite the fact that they haven’t released a new title in almost a decade. As a result, the Minecraft server dedicated to him is one of the best.

It works similarly to the GTA franchise, in that almost anything goes. Crime is not a problem, and users can essentially do whatever they want. That’s a huge draw for the franchise and a big reason why this server is so popular.

2) Chaos Games

The Mining Dead is a parody of The Walking Dead (Image via Havoc Games)
The Mining Dead is a parody of The Walking Dead (Image via Havoc Games)

Havoc Games has a lot of opportunities for Minecraft Bedrock players, which is what makes it great. However, one thing sets it apart, and that is a specific game mode: The Mining Dead.

The Walking Dead is one of the top TV franchises, and it’s no secret that the same goes for the parody version of Minecraft.

There is also a GTA mode as well as tons of other cool titles for users to try out. Even if The Walking Dead not what you might be interested in, there are so many different options to try.

1) Complex games

The Complex Gaming server is one of the best available. It has tons of top tier game modes, namely Pixelmon, and this server is described like this:

“Welcome to the Complex Pixelmon Forum website! Here, you can discuss issues related to Pixelmon and the Complex Pixelmon server! You can also make staff applications, ban appeals, and bug reports here on the forums! Feel free to use our help and support threads, if you need help on the Complex Pixelmon server.”

Also have:

  • Creative
  • factions
  • pixelmon
  • Prison
  • sky block
  • Survival
  • village

For servers in general, not just Minecraft Bedrock specific ones, this server is awesome.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.

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