How to complete the challenges of week 10

How to complete the challenges of week 10
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How to complete the challenges of week 10

What Fortnite Chapter 3 enters its tenth week, players can now complete seven new quests to earn more experience points for their Fortnite Battle Passes. FortniteWeekly quests award a massive amount of XP when completed, with a total of 105,000 XP available to players who manage to complete all of the new Week 10 quests in the game. With players needing Battle Pass V-Bucks more than ever thanks to Fortnite next intersection with Dragon Ball Znow is a good time to start looking FortniteWeek 10 quest targets that are scattered throughout the Fortnite island.


Missions are the best way to earn Battle Pass XP in Fortnite, with the game constantly introducing new objectives on a daily and weekly basis for players to complete. Players can earn XP in other ways, including playing the game and earning Accolade XP, as well as gradually completing Milestone Quests. However, players looking to level up quickly through the Battle Pass should focus on daily and weekly missions, as they tend to offer the most XP for the time spent, with many missions requiring relatively little effort to complete. player part.

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Previous missions, such as breaking doors in Fortnite are still available, but this week’s missions are quite eclectic and particularly difficult to complete compared to previous weeks. Players must find a wide variety of weapons, items, and vehicles and use them in very specific ways.

Fortnite Week 10 has a total of seven missions, each rewarding players with 15,000 XP when completed. Win a level in Fortnite Battle Pass requires 80,000 XP, so players shouldn’t expect to level up much just by doing these quests, but they do offer a much-needed boost nonetheless:

Bounce off a Crash Pad, a Bouncy Slurpshroom, and off-road tires in a single match

This mission is a bit challenging as Crash Pads, Bouncy Slurpshrooms, and Off-road Tires are not located near each other, and players will have to travel quite a distance across the island. Fortnite had a Week 9 quest related to Crash Pad, so players may already be familiar with where to find them: on the beaches of the mighty monument island, east of Sanctuary. Deployable Crash Pads also drop from chests or spawn randomly. A stack of off-road tires can be found on the east side of the same island.

Bouncy Slurpshrooms are commonly found in and around Reality Falls, Greasy Grove, and south of raving cave. The problem is that all of these areas are located in the western part of the island, which requires players to make a long journey across the island. Vehicles are highly recommended for this, as this will allow players to escape the storm circle if necessary. Various boats can be found in the waters around Mighty Monument, so players can simply drive one from the lagoon and up the river to reach these locations.

Damage 10 different objects with a spray of The Charge SMG.

Unlike Fortnite The latest exotic weapons, charge SMGs can be found randomly like most other weapons. They’re pretty common, and players shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one wherever they land. However, charging SMGs are unique in that players must hold down the controller’s trigger or mouse button to charge shots before releasing to fire all charged shots in a rapid spray. This quest is pretty easy; the best approach is to stand inside a crowded building and fully charge the gun before spraying everything nearby with bullets.

Damage an opponent with a DMR without aiming down sights.

Like the Charge SMG, the DMRs drop randomly. They are generally best used at long range and aiming down sights. However, this mission specifically tells players not to aim down sights, so players should try to hit other players with the DMR at close range. Unlike taking out players with Darth Vader’s lightsaber in Fortnite, this won’t be particularly elegant or civilized, but it should get the job done. Players must deal 100 damage to opponents this way, but progress is counted across different matches.

Damage opponents within 10 seconds of dashing with a zero point fish

The Zero Point Fish is a rare consumable fish that can be caught from fishing holes in Fortnite island. Different types of zero point fish spawn in different island biomes, but they should all work for the purposes of this quest. Consuming a Zero Point Fish heals players for 15 HP, but also allows them to teleport and move quickly.

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Damaging opponents within 10 seconds of running is easy if players catch a zero point fish and travel to a dense urban area to find opponents, running towards them to surprise them before riddled them with bullets. Fortnite Zero Point Fish can be found in the fishing holes north of the busy leaning towers location, making this a great place to complete this challenge. As in the previous challenge, players must deal a total of 100 damage.

Drop Hammer Assault Rifle

Like other weapons, the Hammer Assault Rifle can be found all over the island and spawns as loot on the ground or in essentially random chests. As presented to Fortnite in Chapter Three Season Three, players shouldn’t have much trouble finding one. It’s an excellent weapon, so players might not be tempted to drop it as soon as they find it, but since doing so nets them 15,000XP, it’s well worth it. Also, nothing prevents players from picking it up again later. Players were previously challenged to get headshots with Fortnite Hammer AR, but this quest is much less difficult – just pick up the weapon and drop it again.

Eliminate a player with the first shot of The Prime Shotgun

This is perhaps the trickiest Week 10 mission on the list. The semi-automatic Prime Shotgun was introduced in Fortnite Chapter Three Season Three and can be found throughout the island. Eliminating a player with the first shot from this weapon can be difficult; Prime Shotgun doesn’t do enough damage for a one-hit knockout most of the time unless the player lands a lucky headshot.

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It’s best to use other weapons to reduce an opponent’s shields and health to the point where a single shotgun blast will take them out. weapons like Fortnite The Mythic E-11 blaster rifle can be used, but the trick here is not to deal too much damage and accidentally take out an opponent on the spur of the moment. Players should do this while playing solo if possible, as this quest is tricky enough that an opponent’s teammates will show up to spoil the fun.

Ride a Baller while you’re on the water

The Baller, a speedy crystal ball with a grappling hook, has been disassembled and brought back to the island to Fortnitethe last season of . Fortunately for players who may spend too much time searching for specific weapon drops, it always spawns at the Rave Cave location in the northwest part of the island. Players don’t need to look far Fortnite Ballers and are also great to wear. This mission challenges players to travel 500 meters over water in a Baller, which is easily done by driving a Baller south, east, or north to find bodies of water. Players need to watch out for other players trying to shoot and break their Baller, but otherwise this Fortnite search is not particularly difficult.

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