Fortnite Update 3.65 Patch Notes for v21.40 Today (Aug 16)

Fortnite Update 3.65 Patch Notes for v21.40 Today (Aug 16)
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Fortnite Update 3.65 Patch Notes for v21.40 Today (Aug 16)

A new update for Fortnite will be released on August 16, bringing the game to version 21.40 on all supported platforms.

Today’s update comes after a month without any major content updates, due to the developers taking some much-needed time off over the summer. But Epic Games is back with a bang as the August 16 Fortnite update will include the highly anticipated Dragon Ball collaboration. Epic’s recent teaser for the crossover has become their most-liked tweet ever, showing just how excited fans are to get their hands on some Dragon Ball skins and cosmetics.

According to ShiinaBRHowever, the Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration won’t just be new skins and cosmetics, there will also be seven weeks of exclusive challenges. These limited time missions will likely give players a chance to get some new cosmetic items and rewards related to the popular Dragon Ball anime series.


Fortnite Update 3.65 Patch Notes for v21.40

Below you will find the official patch notes for the August 16 Fortnite update, which brings the game to version 21.40 on all supported platforms.


goku lights up Fortnite x Dragon Ball in v21.40! Take a look at our Fortnite x Dragon Ball Blog Post for what’s in this collaboration, which includes:

  • “Power Unleashed!” Missions to raise your power level. Raise your power level to unlock rewards like the Dragon Radar Back Bling, Emotes, Sprays and Battle Pass Levels!
  • Versus Boards that pits you against a rival player to see who is the strongest on the island.
  • the kamehameha Y Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) items falling from the sky in deliveries invented by Capsule Corp.
  • the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival in Discover: climb aboard a cruise to relax and see dragon ball super episodes
  • Embark on a Dragon Ball collecting adventure in the Dragon Ball Adventure Island.
  • Harness your power and unleash it on the tournament of power the 18 of August. Compete in this Battle Royale Duos tournament for a chance to win the Angry Vegeta Emoticon, Goku Kanji Banner IconY Beerus eating spray!
  • Goku, Vegeta, bulmaY Beerus in the item shop.


The Reality Tree has transformed the Daily Bugle into lazy lagoon! Show off your sea legs in this remix of a classic POI.

The return of Lazy Lagoon also means the return of pirate cannons, so get a team of two together or go it alone. If you have all hands on deck (you and a teammate), one player can drive this swashbuckling vehicle while the other player braces himself on the barrel. The player in the barrel can control the direction of the barrel and then launch at any time. Aim where you see a far away chest or safety from a loot.

What if you are browsing alone? If you direct the Pirate Cannon, you can launch an infinite number of cannonballs (with a cooldown between each shot). Alternatively, you can enter the barrel and throw yourself farrr (sorry).


Thanks to everyone who helped rebuild Tilted Towers during No Sweat Summer! With all three voting windows complete, the previously destroyed sites have been taken over by the following construction projects:

  • “The restaurant” – The Block 2.0 Ben’s Restaurantby Benmac
  • “The apartments” – The Block 2.0 template apartmentsby Charlie Brown
  • “The stores” – Block 2.0 – The M Buildingby 0ricento

Congratulations to the three previous winners of The Block 2.0 voting and to everyone who submitted entries to help rebuild Tilted Towers!


Some Android devices now have access to run Fortnite at 90 FPS. If your device supports it, you’ll find this option available in settings under the Video tab (the default tab when you open settings). If your device does not have this option available, it means that it does not meet the technical requirements.

Please note that enabling this option may drain power from your device and/or increase heat output. When this happens, the FPS will drop.

Players whose device previously had 90 FPS available will find that the option has been re-enabled on their device.


  • The Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) items are not in competitive playlists, with the exception of the Tournament of Power.
  • Pirate Cannons are not included in competitive playlists.


  • Fixed an issue where chest loot in certain locations would spawn several meters away or not spawn at all.
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes lose an inventory slot when picking up a Chug Cannon.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes kick players out of edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in players being unable to switch devices for voice chat when not in a match.

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