The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community in ruins because of Steve

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community in ruins because of Steve
Written by ga_dahmani
The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community in ruins because of Steve

Steve is flying from the Pit and Dark Pit, presumably dropping them over the edge, descending into the nether nothingness.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stans had an exciting weekend as SmashConan annual tournament dedicated to Nintendo’s popular crossover fighter (and clones like Nickelodeon Brawl Stars) concluded on August 14. There were many surprises, including one of the best players in the world, mkleo, ranking fifth in the tournament’s singles pool. But what’s melting the competitive community right now is that a player named Onin took home first place playing Steve from Minecraftand now a lot of people want the character to be kicked out of future tournaments because of how broke he is..

Onin is relatively new to the scene, having made his debut at The Online Olympus II tournament in January 2021, after which he continued to appear in various tournaments, including taking first place at Combo Breaker 2022. Smash The wiki now considers Onin to be one of the best Steve players in the world, and he has amassed quite a number of bodies. In previous tournaments, he has beaten MkLeo and riddles, the best Canadian player in the world. He has also trampled the Ice Climbers veteran. big das well as the best Peach player, MuteAce. Basically, Onin is goat. And then at the SmashCon grand finale this weekend, even teacherthe best Game & Watch user in the world and current Mexican top-three smash last player. It was a brutal beating to say the least.

Onin chose his main, Steve, while Maister switched between Game & Watch and Sora. However, it almost didn’t matter who Maister chose because Onin won quite decisively. Maister managed to beat Onin once as Sora, to which the crowd erupted in cheers and confetti, but Onin walked away as the victor, absolutely wiping the floor with Maister.


Still, the crowd was on Maister’s side the entire time. Despite Onin dominating the matchup, the audience chanted “Come on, Maister” and “Come on, Sora” in an effort to cheer Maister on. The crowd even shouted Sora’s spells in unison (fire, thunder, and freeze) every time Maister cast them. And when the tournament reached its climax, the community turned jokertweeting his utter disdain for the Minecraft miner. Many people Really i hate steveso much that they I want him banned from the competitive scene.

The talk about Steve being banned from competitive tournaments has been around for a minute, but it really came to a head two months ago when the Japanese champion acolaSteve’s other player won the gymvitationalThe biggest smash last contest held in June. Casual and professional Smashers alike were upset that acola, who has dominated the Asian scene, came to North America and beat all the top competitive players.

It was part of it. But the real reason people were mad about winning acola was because Steve is widely regarded be be totally broken. With his solid zoning tools and unlimited combo potential, not to mention his long range and excellent killing power, Steve is frustrating to fight. That, coupled with the fact that this year’s SmashCon tournament featured at least nine different Steve playersadded more fuel to the fire. People literally can’t stand this character..

Kotaku has reached out to Maister and Onin for comment.

Sadly, some players, as they often do, are throwing a lot of hate at Onin. From booing at the tournament to tweeting that they suck and sending threatening messages, Onin is now on the receiving end of some truly toxic player shit. It’s a bummer to watch, especially considering all this player did was win a tournament with an available smash last character. There is no reason to be so spiteful. You can hate the character, but don’t turn that hate back on the player. It is unnecessary and wrong.

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