New York Subliners CDL raid explained: HyDra vs Crimsix feud, The Flank & more


New York Subliners CDL raid explained: HyDra vs Crimsix feud, The Flank & more

On August 14 at 11:59 pm PT, Call of Duty League pros whose contracts had run out or their team options were not expanding could enter the free agency market. While various players posted their FA status, the New York Subliners had a catastrophic implosion broadcast for all to see on ‘The Flank’ live stream.

The New York Subliners had one of the most memorable runs to Champions during the 2022 season, qualifying by the skin of their teeth with an emphatic trip through Major 4 that saw them place as runners-up to the eventual world champions, LA Thieves.

While things seemed fine, the team seems to have been on the ropes all season, and now players and coaches have finally spoken out, both against each other and against the situations they found themselves in.

Here’s the full recap of the New York Subliners’ drama as the 2022 season finally comes to an end.

NYSL Player Meat: HyDra, Crimsix, Neptune, and PaulEhx

From all accounts, it appears that the dynamic between the players has been flawed from the start, which seems plausible given the way the likes of Travis ‘Neptune’ McCloud and James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks were eliminated and their previous poor performances.

However, the situation went much deeper, with accusations leveled between players when they appeared on former CoD pro Thomas ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto’s CDL Twitch show. the flank.

According to Paul ‘PaulEhx’ Avila, the Subliners had already begun preparing for the influx of new players before Major 4 began, with Paco ‘HyDra’ Rusiewiez reportedly bringing Florida Mutineers franchise AR Cesar ‘Skyz’ Bueno into the team. .

On the topic of Neptune, Crimsix apologized for calling him “the worst backup in the league” at the start of the season, saying he intended to fire the young star, not take him down, saying he only did it because he cared about him. the.

HyDra also reportedly said that it “reminded her how much she hates” her now former teammates every time she jumped into a call with them and heard their voices.

The French star accused Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter of racism over a comment he made about HyDra’s Algerian heritage, reportedly asking “who cares about Algeria” when the topic came up.

Crimsix claimed that it was just a joke, but admitted that he shouldn’t have said it. He also claimed that HyDra never mentioned it when it happened and thus he didn’t know how HyDra felt about it.

Crimsix ended the call by saying that HyDra is “dead to him” and “the coldest motherfucker I’ve associated with in a long time.”

NYSL Player and Coach Bust

Crimsix accused head coach Javed ‘DREAL’ Ehsan of favoritism over HyDra, and he didn’t get as much criticism for his lack of effort as the rest of the team.

Not only that, but he also accused DREAL of not allowing fellow coach John ‘Revan’ Boble to speak at practice, to which DREAL responded by saying that he “didn’t say that at all” and that Revan “didn’t want to talk.”

The Briton then joined the call to Flank to give his side of the story, saying Boble simply didn’t speak up when the team asked the coaches for more information.

Both Crimsix and Paul agreed that this was true.

Following his appearance on The Flank, DREAL responded on Twitter, saying the claims were “not true in the slightest” and that “we all need to take responsibility.”

The VOD for this drama-filled episode of The Flank is not available on ZooMaa’s Twitch channel at the time of writing, though time will tell if it gets uploaded to YouTube or if more clips come out.