Minecraft: How to Make Fireworks

Minecraft: How to Make Fireworks
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Minecraft: How to Make Fireworks

When fireworks were first added to Minecraft, they were used solely for cosmetic purposes. However, since the 1.11 update, they have proven to be one of the most useful items in the game to mass produce, as players can use them in conjunction with elytra wings to fly. Fireworks can be made in all sorts of different colors and patterns, and can even be shot from a crossbow to deal heavy damage against mobs.

Fireworks can be launched directly from a player’s hand, which is done when using them to fly, or fired from dispensers when putting on elaborate timed fireworks shows. Just like potions, fireworks can be quite tricky to learn as there are many unique ingredients with different effects that players will have to memorize. For players just looking for flight fuel, not pretty fireworks shows, they’re pretty simple.


How to create minecraft fireworks

To create fireworks in Minecraft, players will need to combine a firework star, a single paper person, and up to three pieces of gunpowder on a crafting table. The more gunpowder used, the longer the fuse of the fireworks will be. For players looking to make a lot of fireworks, they’ll want to mass-produce paper using a sugarcane farm, as well as gunpowder from a mob farm.

If players are just looking to make fireworks for flight fuel, then the firework star isn’t necessary. The star is used to customize the colors and patterns of the fireworks explosion, and if you don’t have one, the fireworks won’t explode. However, when players use fireworks to fly, they don’t want them to explode because they deal damage.

Making the firework rockets is the easy part. It’s the fireworks star where things get more complicated. The basic recipe for crafting a firework star is a single piece of gunpowder plus any color dye. This will create a firework star that will explode with that tint color when turned into fireworks. Multiple tints can be added to a firework (up to a maximum of eight), creating fireworks that explode in many colors.

That covers the colors, but what about the different patterns? This is where things get a bit more expensive. A standard firework will explode into a small ball, but if players want to make it bigger or create a cool pattern, they can add additional items to the artboard when making the firework star:

Ingredient Effect
Fire load Bigger and louder bang
gold nugget star shaped explosion
mob boss Creeper face shaped explosion
Pen Burst explosion (explodes in one direction, not like a sphere)

Only one of those ingredients can be added to a given firework star, however there are a few additional effects that can be added and they are stackable:

Ingredient Effect
Diamond Wake effect after an explosion.
Brilliant Stone Dust Twinkling effect after an explosion.

Diamonds and glowstone dust do not affect the shape of the pattern, only the behavior of the particles. That means they can be mixed with the aforementioned ingredients, and can even be added to induce both effects.

When players complete their firework stars and start adding gunpowder and paper to make fireworks, they can actually add multiple stars to the same rocket. A total of up to seven firework stars can be added to paper and gunpowder when making firework rockets, where all of the firework stars will go off at about the same time. When crafting, players will always receive three fireworks, regardless of the number of stars or gunpowder used.

How to use minecraft fireworks

Fireworks can be launched in several different ways. When a player is holding one, they can interact with a block to immediately launch the fireworks from there. By doing so, the fireworks will always travel upwards. If players want to launch fireworks in other directions, they can use dispensers. Load some fireworks into a dispenser facing the desired direction and activate the dispenser with a Redstone pulse to launch it. If players place nine unique firework rockets in a dispenser, it will randomly select one to launch.

Players can also launch fireworks from a crossbow, which deals a lot of damage to enemies, as long as it was styled with a firework star. To load one into the crossbow, players must hold the fireworks in their left hand while loading the crossbow. This will charge a firework instead of an arrow. It can then be fired in any direction. When it lands, it will explode and deal damage to all mobs within a four block radius, with less damage dealt to mobs farther away. With a firework star, a direct hit will deal up to three hearts of damage. With seven, it will make up to nine and a half!

For players looking to fly with their fireworks, thankfully this is very easy to accomplish. All players need to do is have their elytra wings equipped and hold a firework in hand. Jump twice to start gliding and quickly use a firework to take flight. While gliding, players can continue to use fireworks to stay airborne. Players must be careful when doing this, as hitting a surface at high speeds can be fatal.

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