Every Sculk Block and what they do

Every Sculk Block and what they do
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Every Sculk Block and what they do

Following the introduction of the Guardian and the deep dark cave biome in Minecraft, players have access to some new blocks called sculk blocks. These blocks are characterized by their unique dark turquoise and blue appearance, similar to the Guardian’s appearance.

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When players first encounter a deep, dark biome, they’ll want to play very carefully, and they’ll also need to know what all these different blocks do. Knowing this will help you avoid an unnecessary and unsuspecting encounter with the Warden, who is one of the strongest enemies in Minecraft after the Ender Dragon. This is what all sculk blocks do.


skull vein

Starting with the most harmless of the bunch is the skull vein. This isn’t exactly a block, but it’s more like a carpet or set of vines that will grow on top of other blocks that aren’t sculk blocks. In the deep dark biome, the sculk vein is usually found on the edges of the biome, attached to deep shale or even covering minerals.

Breaking the skull vein does nothing unless the player uses a Silk Touch pickaxe. It is also possible to create more sculk veins by activating a sculk catalyst, which is a unique sculk block that will be discussed later. Interestingly, using a hoe to break the skull vein is the fastest way to destroy it.


Sculk is sort of the default block of the deep dark biome and is distinguished by its deep turquoise color with lighter dots that are animated but don’t provide any light. It makes an almost squishy fungal sound when players walk on it.

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The nice thing about this block is that if the player breaks it, it actually gives them some XP. It’s only 1 XP point, but it’s something regardless. Like the sculk veins, the sculk itself can spawn naturally when a sculk catalyst is activated, meaning players can technically spawn an infinite amount of sculk and farm it. To avoid destroying it, once again, it is essential to get hold of a Silk Touch tool.

concealment sensor

Now let’s move on to the most nefarious blocks. Sculk sensors are a new “wireless” redstone block that sends out a redstone signal after detecting a nearby sound. If a sound occurs within 9 blocks of the sensor, it will beep and light up, passing the signal forward. These blocks are particularly dangerous if they are close to a Sculk Shrieker, as they can cause a Guardian to spawn.

Fortunately, players can avoid being heard by a sculk sensor by enclosing the sensor in fleece or by sneaking or walking on fleece. Players can also break sculk sensors, but for it to actually drop, they’ll need a Silk Touch enchanted tool, with hoes being the best tool once again. Keep an eye out for these sensors as they have surprisingly good range, even from above, and if enemy items land on them they will activate.

Sculk Catalyst

Previously, sculk catalysts were mentioned as a key block that can create sculk and sculk veins when activated. The catalyst is identified by its white details on the sides. While it can’t be activated by a sound, meaning it’s a relatively safe block to approach, it can be activated if a crowd dies in the vicinity.

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When a mob dies, the sculk catalyst activates and spreads more sculk around it. Usually the terrain will consist of sculk and streaks of sculk, but there is also a small chance that this newly spawned area contains a sculk sensor, so be careful when experimenting with the sculk catalyst. In fact, it also has a very small chance of generating a sculk shriek. Like the other sculk blocks, players will need to extract it with a Silk Touch tool to avoid breaking it completely.

Sculk Screamer

If players see this block near a bunch of sculk sensors, they’d better avoid making any noise. The Sculk Shrieker is the most dangerous of all the Sculk blocks, as it has the power to summon the Guardian after a while. The Sculk Shrieker has four raised pillars protruding from its top and an animated, warped center area on top. The best course of action to mine and hold is to use a Silk Touch pickaxe, but otherwise when destroyed it drops 5 XP to players. Note that extracting a shriek with a touch of silk makes it unable to trigger a guardian spawn.

The Sculk Shrieker is usually activated by Sculk sensors that detect nearby sounds and send a redstone signal to any nearby Sculk Shriekers. However, if there are no sculk sensors nearby, it is also possible to activate it in other ways. Walking on it or shooting it will also cause the shriek to make a sound and a shriek signal, as well as inflicting darkness on the player.

Players can activate a Sculk Shrieker a maximum of three times. On the fourth time, a Warden will appear near the Shrieker.

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