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Cheesy but charming horror games

Cheesy but charming horror games
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Cheesy but charming horror games

Most people expect horror games to have oppressive atmospheres and chilling scares around every corner. While this might be true for modern horror games, older titles in this genre had a lot more wiggle room to develop games that could still be scary while staying within the limitations set by previous generations of consoles. As a result, the horror sometimes had to take a backseat for cheesier moments.

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From atrocious voice acting to predictable jump scares, some horror games end up being a lot dumber and cheesier than they should be. However, there is no denying that these games still have a level of charm that is hard to beat today. These are some of the best and most charming horror games that are fun to play even though they are a bit cheesy at times.


8 demonic resident

It would be impossible to talk about cheesy yet charming horror games without mentioning the first one. demonic resident. This landmark title featured its fair share of scares and tense moments… but gamers couldn’t help but laugh at this game’s goofy voice acting.

Some lines in the series (like Jill Sandwich’s iconic quote) have become popular for totally unintentional reasons. As long as players get used to the tank controls, they will be able to enjoy a game that launched the demonic resident Serie.

7 Until sunrise

Supermassive Games intentionally channeled the vibe of a teen horror movie when they decided to develop Until sunrise for the PS4. This tense horror game has its fair share of horrible moments and some truly cheesy ones right from the start, as the teens desperately try to convey that they’re having fun.

Until sunrise It’s not a monumental title by any means, but it’s still a great horror adventure title for fans of games like The Walking Dead Y heavy rain. Incredible graphics and a cast of recognizable characters take this title to a whole new level.

6 Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition is a cult classic title that flopped at launch but became a decent hit over time after word of mouth started to spread about this title. Sales were strong enough that a second title was greenlit and released, which was a source of great joy for fans of this rather strange title.

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The scary part of Deadly Premonition it can be effective at times, but there’s always a sense of weirdness to the world and the gameplay that makes for such an oddly charming experience. Players who want to see a survival horror game that’s unlike anything they’ve probably played before should look no further than this title, though the game’s goofy nature may take some getting used to.

5 The classification of the dead

The House of Death is an arcade shooter that combines cheesy humor with zombie-slaying action to create a fun, if slightly silly, action-horror title. However, no one expected that Sega would turn this arcade title into a typing game with the same story and visuals.

Writing lines to shoot zombies is one of the most fun ways to take down any enemy in a horror game. The classification of the dead is a gem of a title that fans of weird horror games should definitely check out.

4 Michigan: Report from Hell

can’t deny that Michigan: Report from Hell is one of the worst games on this list. The gameplay loop is pretty basic, which is the worst offense made by this title, but most people won’t care if they’re just here for a laugh.

help that Michigan: Report from Hell it has some truly hilarious voice acting and some weird moments that make it charming enough for fans who want that vibe in their games, to begin with. The sheer bizarre nature of this game has made it something of an internet favorite and a perfect candidate for this list.

3 night trap

night trap is known to be a game that, along with Mortal Kombat, was controversial enough to give rise to the rating system. Given how poorly the game has aged, it’s easy for gamers to wonder what was so questionable about this title in the first place.

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That didn’t help either night trap it was fiendishly difficult, with only a few bugs that were enough to lead to a game over. While this FMV game has a charm of its own, players should read a guide from the start to avoid frustration while experiencing this old title.

two Life line

For your time, Life line it was easily one of the most ambitious games on the PS2. The player controlled the main character solely through voice commands, which ended up being very intuitive or totally broken, with no middle ground.

Today, Life line it’s a fun title to watch and understand how the game tried to incorporate a gameplay loop that only used voice commands. It helps that the game is short enough for you to finish before the game gets too frustrating.

1 phasmophobia

It’s a given that a multiplayer horror game is going to be quite charming in its own right. This is precisely the case for phasmophobiawhich uses the old concept of ghost hunters to great effect.

The concept may sound cheesy, but it is the execution of this configuration that makes phasmophobia So great. The game has the potential to make players laugh and scream, which is quite an achievement in itself.

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