6 Fortnite content creators who deserve an Icon Series skin

6 Fortnite content creators who deserve an Icon Series skin
Written by ga_dahmani
6 Fortnite content creators who deserve an Icon Series skin

Right now, there are quite a few content creators in Fortnite that have Icon Series skins. Ninja, Chica, Loserfruit, Bugha, Lazarbeam, TheGrefg, Lachlan, and Ali-A have their own Icon Series skins. Ali-A was the most recent addition to the roster as she finally got a well-deserved Icon Series skin.

There are tons of other notable creators who have helped make Fortnite into the game it is today. Without the help of Ninja and other early content creators, the game might not have risen to the top like it did and might not have been as popular as it is now.

As a result, there are tons of Fortnite content creators who deserve their own Icon Series skin. Here are some notable examples.

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6) Tabor Hill

A potential skin (Image via Tabor Hill/YouTube)
A potential skin (Image via Tabor Hill/YouTube)

Tabor Hill deserves an Icon Series skin. He is often the scoop on big additions to the game and would make a great acquisition as an icon. Epic often uses it as their secret information leak, such as when they made fun of Doctor Strange’s appearance by using the word strange repeatedly in a video.

It also creates other content, so it’s not just a filter. With 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Tabor is one of the most well-known sources in the Fortnite community and has a huge following and deserves recognition.

5) iFireMonkey

youtube cover

iFireMonkey is widely regarded as one of the best leakers in the game, but that title would be a rundown on everything it does for Fortnite. Unlike other leakers, it also creates other content for the game, including news, leaks, and other game features. It is the go-to source for a lot of information and constantly keeps players informed.

It’s a bit surprising that he doesn’t have an Icon Series skin, given his relationship with Epic Games, but it would be a pretty popular skin if it made it to the game.

4) musk

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Muselk makes some great content for the game, so it’s a shame he hasn’t been given an Icon Series skin yet. He makes his followers laugh and provides unique and interesting content. He has been part of the community for a while, always making quality videos.

The Australian player has close to 10 million subscribers on YouTube and deserves to be remembered for his contributions.

3) Nick Eh 30

I just broke the Fortnite servers for everyone…

Nick Eh 30 is one of the longest serving content creators for the battle royale title and one of the few that hasn’t really taken breaks from the game. Ninja took a long break and received an Icon Series skin. Nick Eh 30 may not be as prominent as Ninja, but his loyalty deserves to be rewarded with an Icon Series skin.

With 6.52 million YouTube subscribers, the Canadian-Lebanese content creator has popularized the battle royale title by producing content around it for years. Epic needs to consider Nick for an Icon Series skin based on his familiar, everyday Fortnite content.

2) Tfue

With close to 12 million YouTube subscribers, Tfue is one of the most prominent Fortnite players despite having left the game for several years. He was one of the content creators responsible for the rise of the game, although he eventually moved away from the battle royale game.

Since his return, Tfue has set records and become an integral part of the community. He deserves to have an Icon skin for his contributions, so maybe he’ll finally start wearing his own skin in the game.

1) Sypher P.K.

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When it comes to current Fortnite content creators, no one comes to mind before SypherPK. With 6 million subscribers on YouTube, it has been a dedicated community server for a long time. The streamer brings pro-level gameplay, news, analysis, information, and quality content to the Epic Games title.

Sypher is honest and open about being a content creator and what it means to produce daily content about the game. There is no reason why any of these creators should have a skin, but if there is only one, you should go to SypherPK.

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