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10 best games inspired by the franchise

10 best games inspired by the franchise
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10 best games inspired by the franchise

Apart from the critical failure of the recent Netflix series, demonic resident It is very hot now. Last years Resident Evil 8 It was one of the biggest games of the year. The next Resident Evil 4 remake has a lot of people talking, as that particular game was one of the most influential games of the Aughts.

Many games were inspired by demonic resident. Some of them take inspiration from previous PS1 titles, while others go for more action-focused installments. What is clear, however, is that the series as a whole has its fans in high places. Some of these demonic residentInspired games are just as influential and others are just plain fun.


10 you will die here tonight

you will die here tonight is an upcoming survival horror game set to release on Steam later this year. The game has been inspired by the classic. RE games, according to the creative director in this interview from Bloody Disgusting. The game sees a group find a mysterious mansion infested with the undead. While that sounds like the original REthe game also has many tricks of its own.

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The game switches between a first and third person point of view and features a large cast of characters who can die permanently. These are big changes that have players excited to see how it will compare to its inspiration.

9 Phobia – St. Dinfna Hotel

The 2022 release Phobia – St. Dinfna Hotel draws more inspiration from recent survival horror titles. This game has a first person perspective. It also adds a more psychological and biological curve to it. Some have compared the game to stealth horror game. Survive As a result of this.

Although the developers did not confirm it, since the pieces of the game seem to allude to a large extent to the famous demonic resident mansion, the inspiration that this 2022 title takes is clear. Also, phobiaRiddles will remind players REThe puzzles and limited ammo show that this game has a lot of Capcom DNA.


MADISON He clearly takes a lot of inspiration from Silent Hill. Evendemonic resident it also has a part to play in the themes and mechanics of this horror game. In MADISON, the player assumes the role of Luca. Similar to the protagonist Resident Evil 7Ethan Winters, Luca is forced to do puzzles against his will by a monstrous entity.

In this case, it is the titular daemon MADiSON. Although the developers have not declared the inspiration for it, the first-person perspective adds to the horror and is reminiscent of Jack Baker or Lady D persecuted since RE. MADiSON is relentless, but there are a few ways to fight her, preventing the player from being defenseless like others who are notRE Horror games

7 God of War (2018)

one might not think God of War I owe anything to demonic resident. The first is a massive action series with exaggerated conflicts with the gods. The latter has its share, but it’s mostly about quaint inventory management. The director of the 2018 game actually explained the connection. in an interview with Gamespot.

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Cory Balrog cites the gameplay of Resident Evil 4 as a great influence in the game. He explained how positioning the camera over the shoulder, as Resident Evil did, created “a more intimate and visceral perspective.” So god of war’s camera changed, and it’s all because of the zombie-based series.

6 nightmare of decay

A cursory look at nightmare of decay it’s enough to see her demonic resident influence. In the steam forums for the game, the developer makes it clear demonic resident Y Blood they were his inspirations if one was not convinced otherwise. Just like the 90s survival horror classic, the game takes place in a mansion infested with the undead. Unlike the original, it features the player as an average citizen rather than a police officer.

Still, many of the same mechanics are in play. There are limited weapons and ammunition scattered around the mansion, encouraging supply rationing. Weather REBasic zombies appear, as do others RE classics as cultists. the game is not direct RE1 However, the clone brings the horror to a first-person perspective.

5 deep fear

Most games inspired by demonic resident They tend to be newer titles. The forgotten cult game from SEGA Saturn deep fearhowever, it was released the same year as resident evil 2. While information about its inspiration for development is scant, game publishing 1 up named him one of the best demonic resident clones. So it’s unfortunate that the game was only released in Japan and Europe.

I like it RE1, the game is displayed in pre-rendered backgrounds with a focus on exploration and ammo conservation, but there is another resource in the form of an air meter. The entire game takes place in The Big Table underwater research facility. As it has been damaged and overrun by mutants, it creates a treacherous environment for protagonist John Mayor and the player.

4 Devil can cry

Resident Evil 4 had one of the most tumultuous development cycles in Capcom history. The game went through several revisions before becoming the game that is known today. Given how action-packed the final product became, it’s perhaps not surprising that, according to one developer comment archived by IGN, Devil can cry it was one of its earliest incarnations. So it’s technically correct to say CMD was inspired by evi residentme

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It’s easy to see where demonic residentaffected DNA devil may cry 1. The original game features mostly fixed camera angles and puzzles and keys are still essential parts of level progression. This game also takes itself more seriously than later entries, which are more over the top. This title acts as a midpoint between CMDThe antics of anime and REAction in the style of an action movie.

3 Smooth

On your own website, Smooth bills itself as “a true throwback to the golden age of ’90s 3D gaming”. Looking at screenshots and trailers, it’s clear that demonic residentThe 1990s entries are referenced here. The player assumes the role of the titular Alisa. As expected in games of this influence, she finds herself trapped in a haunting mansion.

However, the enemies in this game are not zombies, but doll-shaped robots. The game is also distinguished by its era, which eschews contemporary settings for an alternate 1920s decade. The game also features many mechanics completely unrelated to RE, such as currency and equippable armor. This makes the game familiar but still full of new ideas.

two The last of us

The last of us just wouldn’t exist without Resident Evil 4, at least according to developer Ricky Cambier at skinnygame. Both games feature a gruff but caring hero who teams up with a younger, defenseless girl against an unrelenting horde. Ironically, Resident Evil 4 it’s lighter on the undead than others demonic resident games while The last of us he has his villainous cordyceps infection. The biggest influence RE4 he was probably in the game.

Third-person shooters don’t always place the camera directly behind the player. This can make it difficult to aim, but Resident Evil 4 showed how well it could be done. The last of us he took this approach to his match, locking the camera behind Joel’s shoulder. Both games are all-time greats, and while their tones are different, the actual gameplay couldn’t be more similar.

1 Dead space

Aughs Horror Giant Dead space has a new version coming soon, just like Resident Evil 4. However, this is not the only similarity that the two franchises have. Dead space take a lot of lessons from both 4. According to developer interviews at pc gamer, Resident Evil 4The success of became a system crash sequel in Dead space.

Weather RE4 took advantage of his camera for action, Dead space use it for action. The real screen space is occupied by the body of the protagonist Issac and actually creates a brilliant enforced helplessness. Adding to the horror is the fact that real weapons are hard to come by, though the protagonist is never helpless. Enemies are usually stronger than the protagonist, and several chase the player like REThe famous nemesis. The two series are linked, but both are great series that survival horror fans should watch.

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