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World At War could benefit from a remaster

World At War could benefit from a remaster
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World At War could benefit from a remaster

Many players believe that Treyarch call of Duty Black Ops The series began with the aptly named covert Operations, but actually it was with 2008 call of duty world at war. When discussing the best games that Obligations has to offer, it is rarely mentioned, as many see its sequels as better examples of what Obligations can be. Nevertheless, Obligations: World at war introduced many elements that would become staples of Obligationsand told one of the most interesting stories the series has ever offered.


Right now, the Obligations The franchise is preparing to undergo changes as Microsoft acquires Activision Blizzard. Some believe that the series will drop new titles each year and instead focus on making the next chapter even better. This is great news for fans who have been burned out for the year. Obligations releases, but it can also significantly affect Activision’s business model, which relies heavily on these annual releases. To alleviate that, maybe it would be a good time to fill the empty years with more remasters, since they are not unheard of but are rarely done, and specifically remasters outside of the Modern war franchise.

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World at War started the story of Black Ops

call of duty world at war served as the first chapter of the highly popular covert operations subseries While not sharing the name of the later titles, the story contains many characters who carried over into the rest of the series. At the time, the story and gameplay were also more mature than previous entries in the franchise. It was also much more open than the rest of the series, featuring a story that shows players both sides of World War II.

The story of World at war followed three different characters throughout history. Players were able to control Private Miller during the Pacific campaign, Private Dimitri Petrenko on the Eastern Front, and Petty Officer Locke, who serves as a weapons operator on a PBY Catalina flying boat. Along with them came the characters of Sergeant Viktor Reznov, Sergeant Tom Sullivan and Private Polonsky. Characters like Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko return in the covert operations Campaign.

The story was presented from two different sides, the Americans and the Soviets. Both campaigns follow the soldiers as they make their way through World War II. The game does not shy away from the brutality of war, as it features more graphic violence compared to other entries in the franchise. It was the first Obligations to include the ability to dismember the enemy, and was one of the most accurate depictions of World War II at the time.

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World at War created Zombies mode

Zombies mode has become a staple of the game. Obligations franchise, but that would not have been the case without World at war. It was zombies at their most basic, as it was the first iteration before the series added a bunch of perks, gimmicks, and a whole story. It was just four players fighting unlimited waves of zombies in a fun-filled mode.

Players would kill zombies and get points like they did. These points would then be used to purchase weapons scattered around the map and unlock new rooms that players would have to protect. They would also have to repair the wooden barriers that protected the windows and would have to do their best to survive as long as possible. It quickly became a fan favorite mode, with three additional maps being added in the World at war DLC to develop it further.

It wasn’t the most advanced zombie mode that Obligations has had, but it was the first. The series has taken zombie mode and followed it, adding all sorts of new things or trying out completely new versions like call of duty black ops 2is Tranzit. It might feel very dated because of this, but a remastered version could help it shine again, even if these maps have been tweaked or fixed in other games. It’s always nice to honor what came before, and giving this zombies mode a fresh coat of paint would go a long way towards honoring the beginnings of this game staple. Obligations franchise.

World at War had some pretty fun multiplayer

most Obligations is always the multiplayer, and World at war it was no different. The multiplayer mode was a lot like all the others. Obligations titles at the time, and that’s what makes it special. All of the newer games have been criticized for their handling of multiplayer, while many series veterans consider the previous era of Obligations as some of the best multiplayer out there. As many memories were created by starting games as World at war and jump into a multiplayer lobby, and a remaster could help bring back those days.

The multiplayer of World at war featured six different modes that Obligations all players are familiar with. Modes like team deathmatch are the focal point of this multiplayer mode, and the maps were a lot of fun. Unlike some newer Obligations games, multiplayer here only offered three different killstreak rewards. These came in the form of a reconnaissance aircraft, an artillery strike, and attack dogs. It’s very basic by today’s standards, but a lot of fun back in the day.

World at war It was also the first time the series offered cooperative play alongside pvp multiplayer. The game offered a cooperative campaign that would allow players to rank up and unlock perks for the main multiplayer mode, and that gave players a reason to keep checking it out. They could do it via split screen with two people or online with up to four. It added a new dynamic to the game that had not been seen before.

A lot of call of duty world at war it may be dated by today’s standards, but that’s where the power of remastering comes into play. This title introduced many of the franchise’s staples and also kicked off one of the most popular sub-series. It deserves to be honored with an HD facelift like some Modern war the games have been receiving, and now would be the perfect time to deliver.

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