Who is the strongest mini-boss?

Who is the strongest mini-boss?
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Who is the strongest mini-boss?

Minecraft is a game with a rich variety of mobs that populate the game world. From passive mobs, which include farm animals like sheep and cows, to neutral mobs like bees and endermen that can turn hostile if certain criteria are met, the game world is rich in these entities. Rounding out the list are hostile mobs like creepers and skeletons that will attack players on sight.

Among these mobs are the game’s numerous mini-bosses and regular bosses. While there are only a few main bosses, such as Ender Dragon and Wither, there are a few different mini-bosses, including Elder Guardians, Guardians, and Evokers.

Elder Guardian vs Evoker: Who is stronger in Minecraft?

All about the evocative

A summoner that turns the color of a sheep (Image via Minecraft)
A summoner that turns the color of a sheep (Image via Minecraft)

Evokers are variants of illagers found within forest mansions and village raids. They have 24 health, which is represented by 12 hearts. A summoner is the only mob in Minecraft that can use offensive spells, the closest comparison being the witch and the potions brewed from her. Evokers are the only source of immortal totems in the game and are guaranteed to drop one on death.

His main offensive spell deals six damage or three hearts of damage. However, the Evoker’s main attack is not a direct attack. Instead, the evoker will summon vexes. These vexes are tiny gray sprites, visually similar to allay, and are supposed to be a corrupted version of allay.

These vexes have seven hearts of health and will deal 2.75 hearts of damage on easy difficulty, 4.5 hearts of damage on normal, and 6.75 hearts of damage on hard difficulty. Evokers can also summon multiple times at once, which can be a pretty deadly combination for any unlucky player in the area.

all about elder guardian

An ocean temple, with three older guardians (Image via Minecraft)
An ocean temple, with three older guardians (Image via Minecraft)

Elder Guardians are a larger and stronger variant of the normal Guardian. Regular guardians are blue and orange in color and exist in large numbers in and around ocean monuments. The larger variants sport a gray and dark blue coloration and only exist in groups of three inside the ocean monuments: one in each wing and a third inside the main attic.

These elder guardians have a total of 80 health each, which translates to 40 Minecraft hearts. Elder Guardians deal damage to players in two ways: a primary laser attack and a permanent spike effect. The main laser deals 2.5 hearts of damage on easy, four hearts of damage on normal, and six hearts of damage on hard.

Pickaxes deal 1 heart of damage on easy and normal and 1.5 hearts of damage on hard. Additionally, Elder Guardians can inflict mining fatigue on players, which will decrease the player’s attack speed by 30% and further decrease mining speed for five minutes.

Which is more dangerous?

A summoner in a forest mansion (Image via Minecraft)
A summoner in a forest mansion (Image via Minecraft)

The first important comparison between Evokers and Elder Guardians is their health pool. Elder Guardians have 333% more health than Evokers, and when combined with their ability to deal damage to attacking players, they are much harder to kill in a fight. Additionally, elder guardians can slow down the player’s attack ability, as well as their ability to mine blocks to escape.

Another main aspect to compare is its ability to deal damage to players. Assuming players are playing on Hard difficulty, the Elder Guardian’s laser attack can deal twice the damage of the Evoker’s main attack.

However, the disgusts that the summoners can summon deal more damage than the Elder Guardian’s laser attack. So depending on whether the summoner can summon more than one Vex, the damage should be the same between the two. However, this is still a bit higher for the Evoker.

So which mob is the most dangerous? Considering the damage stats, the elder guardian can be considered stronger. While the Evoker might deal slightly more damage, the Elder Guardian has a lot more health that will be a constant threat for longer than the Evoker. The evoker will simply die before the major damage is dealt.

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