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The most gruesome deaths in Resident Evil Village

The most gruesome deaths in Resident Evil Village
Written by ga_dahmani
The most gruesome deaths in Resident Evil Village

demonic resident he is no stranger to bloody and brutal deaths. With the release (and re-release) of each game in the franchise, the kills get more creative and gruesome. The constant tilt of the engine’s impressive graphics provides more opportunities to create graphic death sequences.

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resident Evil Village, the most recent game in the series, it is one of the most graphically enhanced games in the franchise to date. With good graphics, characters, and a grim story, there are sure to be several death sequences that will make players turn their stomachs. Not only are some main character deaths hard to watch, but seeing through Ethan Winters’ eyes as these creatures brutally murder him can make even the most hardened player shudder.


8 Elena burns alive

For many players, Elena’s death felt unnecessary. Resident Evil Village It was rumored that he had several playable characters, and Elena was probably one of them. That feature was evidently removed in the final product, resulting in an anticlimactic character death that, in truth, was never intended to happen.

That said, Elena’s death is still brutal in nature, no matter how players feel about it. After running back to a burning wooden platform when her father, who had begun to turn into one of the ferocious werewolves, called her name, it becomes clear that his decision to run to her side will be the last one he will take. The fragile platform begins to crumble, and she painstakingly tells Ethan to get away before the platform gives way and Elena falls into the roaring flames.

7 mother miranda

The final sequence of Mother Miranda’s death, while beautifully animated, is not the most gruesome death as far as gore is concerned. After Ethan lands the final blow on her, Mother Miranda writhes, spitting out blood before calcifying and exhaling her last breath.

Although her death itself is not a gory mess of gore and guts, Mother Miranda puts up a tough and bloody fight for players, both expert and novice. Her delusional screams about her daughter, Eva, whom she sought to bring back to life by infecting Ethan’s infant daughter, Rose, with her megamycete, haunt her to the end.

6 Doña Benevento

House Benwind is already the stuff of nightmares, with a giant misshapen fetus and creepy killer dolls stalking Ethan in every dark corner. Donna Benevenento’s death is both sad and grim, with her first and only words spoken through herself (rather than her doll, Angie), “don’t go, I can’t leave you”, implying that she he really wanted to save Ethan from Mother Miranda and the other Lords.

After finding Angie in her Hide n’ Seek do-or-die game, Ethan repeatedly stabs her with scissors until the illusion finally wears off, and it is revealed that he had been stabbing Donna the whole time, eventually killing her. .

5 Charles Heisenberg

Heisenberg had one of the coolest final transformations of the four Lords. His power lies in magnetism, so for his final transformation, he became an amalgamation of heavily armored mechanical parts equipped with saws and other deadly machines. The boss fight was unique and challenging with an appropriately brutal death sequence.

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After delivering the final blow, Heisenberg (still in his gigantic metal form) staggers back, pondering his plans to ultimately betray and kill Mother Miranda. Then the mass of mechanical parts from him explodes in a mess of metal and fire, finally killing the fourth sadistic and power-hungry Lord.

4 The sacrifice of Ethan Winters

Ethan’s survival against all odds in Resident Evil 7 he had fans who supported him living in everything Resident Evil Village. After defeating Mother Miranda, it becomes clear that the beloved protagonist will not live to see his precious daughter grow up.

In an act of sacrifice, Ethan hands Rose over to Chris Redfield. He grabs the detonator from Chris and says goodbye to Rose one last time before charging to where he killed Mother Miranda, setting off the bomb that would destroy the megamycete and the town once and for all. A secret ending shows a teenage Rose visiting Ethan’s grave, solidifying that the protagonist is indeed dead.

3 Eaten by the mutant baby

The mutated fetus that roams the halls of House Benevent is already mortifying as it is. His puffy, black eyes, big mouth, and creepy human baby sounds are enough to send chills down players’ spines as they carefully round every dark corner.

If the player is caught by the deformed fetus, they will be met with an ugly and gruesome death sequence. The baby laughs happily as he pulls Ethan by the legs into his big, toothless, drooling mouth, slowly swallowing him alive. As the death sequence plays, players can hear the baby childishly comment, “delicious.”

two Moreau

Of the four Lords, Moreau felt like the one players could almost empathize with. His overwhelming insecurity in both his appearance and his service to Mother Miranda almost makes players feel guilty for taking the piece of Rose that he keeps. He doesn’t feel too guilty; he will make the players pay to retrieve the jar which would make him lose Mother Miranda’s respect.

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His final mutated form is a large, grotesque beast with clustered eyes on his back. The appearance of his final form is enough to make players choke, but his death sequence is even more horrifying. After dealing the final blow, Moreau begins to inflame with the acid he once attacked with. Howling in pain, he cries out for Mother Miranda until finally his suffering ends in an explosion of acid and guts.

1 Crushed by the Hammer of Urias

Urias is one of the first boss fights that the player must endure. Although not the most difficult boss fight in the game, as it is one of the first, Urias is brutal and ruthless in his goal of killing Ethan. Urias wields a giant hammer, which is unlike any of the other Lycans in that they usually don’t wield anything at all.

If the player dies to Urias, he repeatedly strikes Ethan to death with his large, heavy hammer. Hitting once and twice and again, repeatedly crushing his torso into a pool of broken bone and blood. The death sequence is one of the first to be found, and seeing through Ethan’s eyes as this huge werewolf pummels him to death is something that turns your stomach.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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