The 6 rarest item finds are in Minecraft


The 6 rarest item finds are in Minecraft

Minecraft looking for the best and rarest item please?

Minecraft has a vast inventory of items available to players for their adventures. Some are relatively common, but others are more difficult to find. This article will tell you the six rarest items in Minecraft and who can find them.

Rare items in Minecraft come from everywhere.

In Minecraft, rare items are items that have no chance of surviving or are hard to find due to the close nature. They could also be items that require the assassination of certain gangs. Below this are the top 6 rarest items in Minecraft.

Dragon’s Egg

The Dragon Egg is a rare item in Minecraft, much like the Minecraft community. While there are other items that are harder to find than this one, the player can only find the Dragon Egg once. For this reason, this article is about one of the 6 rarest items found by Minecraft. Not only is it painful to find, it is also difficult to collect.

Players must defeat the Ender Dragon to collect the Dragon Egg. However, it only drops once, so players must pick it up as well. The player cannot completely break it with any tools, and teleports when it breaks. For that reason, the player has to push it onto its pedestal with a Piston. This is putting an egg on the shelf.

The Dragon Egg is certainly rare, but it’s not easy to use. For example, players can use it for cosmetic purposes or even as a trophy to show off their victory. The Ender Dragon also reappears. For example, a player creating a character is a player raising a creature’s hand.

nether star

The Nether Star is a rare item similar to a Dragon Egg. Most notably, the player must defeat the Minecraft boss, Wither. Although the player can kill multiple Withers in the game, the difficulty is very hard, which makes the item unique. And the Nether Star is not a substitute for its essential use either.

The Wither is one of the toughest mobs in Minecraft due to its high health and high damage output. He scared enemies away, thus making him a nuisance to all the mobs around him. And in addition, it gives the Wither effect on hit, slowly draining the player’s health. The Wither deserves its boss status overall.

Players can create a Beacon using the Nether Star. For this, they require Obsidian, some Glass, and a single Nether Star. This can be used for the Beacon, which can be used as the useful state of a place around you. For example, players choose to gain Quickness, Strength, and even constant Healing through Beacon.

Enchanted Golden Apple, smells of idle dread.

As the name suggests, the nameless golden apple is normal or equivalent to the normal enchanted golden apple. However, players don’t really charm themselves. Although they are incredibly hard to come by, they only have a five percent chance of spawning in loot chests. They are rare items, because of these.

The Enchanted Golden Apple serves a similar purpose to normal Golden Apples, but on a larger scale. That way, they give a huge Absorb effect, while other status effects spread out. Specifically, the resistance of the players lasted about five minutes. That makes them a long way from killing them.

However, players can create enchanted golden apples by surrounding an apple with eight golden blocks. Although the recipe was removed from version 1.19, they are rare to find. Every item can be found on this list, so it’s definitely worth your time.

mob bosses

Minecraft mob bosses are different entities present in the game, as the name suggests. For example, players can find skeleton, zombie, pig, chicken, llama, and even villager heads. However, players only get six Mob Heads in Survival mode on the Java Edition. The Bedrock Edition has seven, on the other hand.

Most of these are decorative blocks that the player can assemble into item frames to become trophies. They mainly serve aesthetic purposes and can make players creepier. And as with this, players can wear these heads as a full face helmet. While insatiable, the distance between mobs and player detection decreases.

Some Mob Heads are useful, like Wither Skulls, which can be spawned. Collecting these heads is impossible due to the unique conditions and species. The most popular Wither Skeleton face looks like it has a two and a half percent chance of seeing its head drop. Players can add to that by looting.

Even the other marrow heads are hard to get because they need a lot of conditions to drop. For example, Zombie, Skeleton and Creeper head drops only if a Charged Creeper kills these mobs. With Mob Heads, players can also make different banner designs. It is a cute and cool item that is too expensive to collect.

Untotem of atrials is also devoid of confidence.

The Immortality Totem is a relatively new item that immediately caught the attention of a player due to its unique effect. As its name suggests, the Totem of Eternity prevents players from escaping for a single cause or falling into the Void. For this reason, any player wants at least one Totem of Undying to avoid death.

The problem is that players collect a lot of Undying totem, but players can also collect a lot of money. Specifically, the Evoker. These creatures are durable, have different spells, and summon the Vex: small, flying, hostile creatures that aspire to play. You can also play the way the walls run, so that the player cannot easily escape from them.

This item is certainly a rare item, but not amazing due to usage. While it prevents death, it also gives the player some buffs to maintain strength. This is the essence of this player piece Regeneration, Fire Resistance and Absorption. Having an item of unmatched order takes you a lot of time to write on the mess.


Elytra is one of the most popular items in Minecraft due to her amazing abilities. It allows the player to fly in particular, which can be used to travel around the world. In addition to this, players can also use this to escape mobs or even rush them. Overall, the Elytra is an awesome item that everyone should collect on their journey.

The Elytra is useful, but players require some patience and time to find it. Essentially, players have to defeat the Ender Dragon. This is a task. After that, they need to enter the end of the portal, which leads to the End Cities. There are two types of biomes called The End, made from Purpur blocks. Shulkers also appear here.

Players must carefully scour the land and find an End Ship which is, as its name implies, a floating ship. If the player finds it, they must climb to the end of the ship to get there. Next, they must explore something to discover the Elytra stuck in an item frame on the final ship. The final ships have a little over a 10 percent chance of spawning.

Minecraft has many exciting things that players can find and use on their adventure. Some items are much easier to find, but there are some very important things that require time and patience. We hope this article will help you find the 6 rarest items in Minecraft.