Minecraft: How to Grow Mushrooms


Minecraft: How to Grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of the many farmable resources in Minecraft, primarily acting as a crafting ingredient for different types of stews. Mushrooms are also used to create fermented spider eyes, which are an important resource for potion brewing and are used to make potions of weakness. These can be used to heal zombie villagers, making mushrooms an incredibly useful item to have lots of.

While players can simply venture out and collect naturally growing mushrooms, this is very time consuming and it will only get harder to find mushrooms as time goes on. This means players should be farming mushrooms instead, and there are three main ways to do this. Which method players use should primarily depend on the resources available to them.


How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft

Standard mushroom culture

The classic way of growing mushrooms involves their spreading mechanics. When mushrooms are planted, they will attempt to spread to other adjacent blocks, light levels allowing. must be down light level 13 so that a fungus can grow there. For context, torches emit light level 14, and the light dims by one level for each block that moves away from the torch. Sunlight is light level 15.

Players should carefully set their lighting so that it is dark enough for mushrooms to grow (12 or less), but bright enough for hostile mobs to not spawn (8 or more). However, if players have mycelium, nylium, or podzol, the mushrooms they can be planted in these at any light level, as well as grow in them at any light level. This allows players to farm above ground and prevents mob spawning from being an issue. Likewise, if built in a deep, dark cave, no hostile mobs can spawn, so players don’t need to worry about lighting.

Mushroom growth is incredibly slow, and the game imposes a maximum number of mushrooms that can appear in a given area. Any type of fungus can only spread if there are five or fewer of that fungus in a 9x9x3 area around it. After that, they will stop growing and therefore need to be harvested. The fifth and final mushroom will grow faster, as there are four mushrooms trying to spread.

Using all of these mechanics, players can create very simple automated farms using observers. By leaving only one block available for the mushrooms to spread, observers can monitor this block and have a piston break the mushroom immediately when it spawns. It will still produce at a slow rate, so players who need a lot of mushrooms quickly may want to go another method or create multiple farms using this method.

Huge mushroom farm

This method is the fastest of the three, and by far the best option for players who just want fast mushrooms. Mushrooms function similarly to saplings, in that when bone meal is applied to them, they can grow into large, tree-sized mushrooms. The key difference is that this only occur if bone meal is used. Small mushrooms will not naturally grow into large mushrooms over time.

Players must place a mushroom in the center of an open area that is 7x7x8 (minimum) to allow room for it to grow. Huge Mushrooms will only grow in light levels of 12 or less when the Small Mushroom is placed on a dirt block or grass of any kind. These light restrictions do not apply if the block used is mycelium, nylium or podzol.

Once the bone meal is applied and the mushroom grows, the newly formed mushroom blocks can be harvested, shedding between zero and two mushrooms each. As long as players have enough bone meal, they can continue to use these mushrooms to exponentially increase their stock. If an XP farm is built, players should have an endless stash of bones to use.

mushroom cultivation

Mooshrooms could very well be the most useful mob in the game, although they are quite rare. Players will have to search for mushroom biomes to find them. If players can get a few, they can be used to produce an endless supply of mushrooms. Now, if players just want mushrooms for a mushroom stew, they better milk these cows. Simply interacting with them with an empty bowl will fill the bowl with stew, making for an easy endless food source.

If the players really want the mushrooms, they will have to cut them. Doing so will turn them into normal cows, which can then be slaughtered for steak and leather. Players must breed mushrooms with wheat until they have at least a few dozen in a pen. Players must then raise them all one more time, wait for them to grow up, and then shear a third of the cows they now have.

Those cows will become normal cows and can be slaughtered. By repeating the breeding process and then shearing a third of the cows, players will have an endless supply of mushrooms. If they want to increase their production, they can simply grow more mushrooms.