How to change villager professions

How to change villager professions
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How to change villager professions

Villagers are one of the most useful mobs in all of Minecraft, allowing players to trade items of all kinds. The category of items a villager offers depends on the villager’s profession. Villagers will offer a limited number of randomly generated trades, which players can take advantage of until they run out, after which players will need to find or breed more villagers to trade.

For players looking to take full advantage of trading mechanics, they will want to have an easy way to remap villager professions. Players may come across a village that has no blacksmiths, but this does not mean that a player cannot take one of the farmers or librarians from it and create a blacksmith from them. If he does, he will change trades from him.


How to Change Villager Jobs in Minecraft

A villager’s profession depends on what is called the “job site block”. Each villager who has a profession will have their own job site block, and no job site block can be claimed by more than one villager. There are a handful of restrictions on these blocks, and it is these restrictions that players can use to coordinate profession changes. Professions are identified by the outfit the villager is wearing, as well as the title on their trade menu.

Job site blocks must be within the boundaries of a village to be viable, though the way the game defines a village is pretty generous. A village is simply an area that has at least one villager, who has an accessible bed. If players have transported some villagers away from a naturally generated village, they can create a new one by locking a villager safely in a room with a bed.

In a village with one bed, the village boundary is defined as the 32-block radius centered around the bed. If a village has multiple beds, and a bed is outside the 32-block radius of that initial bed (the first bed a village will use), then the radius extends a the distance of that bed. Players should keep these boundary definitions in mind when determining where they are allowed to place blocks on the job site. The only other restriction on job site blocks is that the villager who claims it have to be able to find your way to it, so it shouldn’t be floating, underwater, or locked somewhere the villager can’t enter.

Once a player has locked up a villager, that village will quit their job if they don’t have access to the appropriate job site block. At this point, players can place a new job site block that corresponds to the desired profession, and the villager will take on that job in their place. For example, if a player traps a Librarian in a room with a Composter, that Librarian will eventually relinquish their Librarian status and claim the Composter instead, becoming a Farmer. It will take a few in-game days for the transition to happen.

There are some stipulations. One is that players cannot reassign a villager they have already traded with. If a player trades with a Librarian in hopes of obtaining a Repair Book, then removes their block from the worksite, they will remain as a Librarian and keep an eye out for new Lecterns available to claim. Also, the jerks (villagers wearing green robes) adamantly refuse to work, so players shouldn’t bother making them do it.

job site blocks

Now that the players know What To change a villager’s profession, all you need is the information from the job site block. Here are all of the villager professions and their associated job site blocks:

Profession job site block
Gunsmith Blast furnace
Butcher Smoker
Cartographer cartography table
Cleric Brewing stand
Farmer composter
Fisherman Barrel
archer feathering table
Furrier Boiler
librarian Lectern
stone mason Stonecutter
Shepherd Loom
blacksmith blacksmith table
gunsmith Grindstone

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