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Black Ops 4 campaign concept is too good to be shelved

Black Ops 4 campaign concept is too good to be shelved
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Black Ops 4 campaign concept is too good to be shelved

For better and for worse, call of duty: black ops 4 is one of the most interesting entries in the franchise. Multiplayer mode continued with the use of specialists from black ops 3but it went back to a boots-on-the-ground format, leading to a mod that was solid but felt like it was missing some black ops 3Zombies’ personality received the most support it’s ever received, landing four maps at launch, but unfortunately a rushed release meant the mode was riddled with bugs and lacked polish. The most intriguing black ops 4 had no campaign.


The first and seemingly last entry in the series to be released without a campaign, many were outraged by the removal of a single-player mode, although the success of Blackout allowed Obligations: black ops 4 to perform quite well. Post-launch, there were rumors of a scrapped campaign that would have apparently had a co-op focus, with Activision reportedly scrapping the mode because it was too ambitious and there were concerns it would become repetitive. With new information about this campaign recently revealed, it’s clear how special the mode could have been, and Treyarch, or another studio, should try to revive it.

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What the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 campaign would have been like

The leaked information about black ops 4The hack campaign was provided by Reddit user Purpletoaster20, and his post provides a lot of information about the mode along with some official images. Based on everything revealed by this fan, the mode was simply ahead of its time, as back in 2018 when the game was released (and 2017 when it was in development), the live service approach would have been fairly new. games like Fortnite they hadn’t hit their stride yet, ensuring that a campaign mode that received constant updates would have done black ops 4 unique.

Along with support plans black ops 4The campaign mode through DLC missions, the goal was to attract players who usually have no interest in ObligationsThe content of a player. Dubbed Career, this campaign would have had a 2v2 approach where players’ actions during missions would have consequences as they would choose to fight for one of two factions. The story would constantly evolve based on how the levels unfolded, with each mission supposedly having multiple secondary objectives.

According to leaks, the mode would have featured six large story sections, AI companions, and unlockable customization items. Instead of pre-rendered cutscenes, there would be in-game cutscenes like Obligations Zombies that changed based on the events of the missions. Furthermore, as with black ops 4 Zombies custom mutation settings, playlists where players could tweak the mode’s rules would have been offered, and a sequel to Nightmares was also reportedly planned. With the goods of four missions provided, Obligations fans have gotten a good idea of ​​what the mode would have looked like, with many sharing their disappointment that this groundbreaking concept never saw the light of day.

Where Black Ops 4 Campaign Ideas Could Be Reused

Considering how different a 2v2 campaign would have been with multiple versions of the same mission, this concept should be brought back in a future version. With so many titles offering traditional campaigns, including the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2Treyarch should bring back this 2v2 idea for Obligations 2024. While setting 2070 is not mandatory, especially given how divisive black ops 3The focus going forward was that everything else about the mode could serve as a fun change of pace. Further away, Obligations as a whole has fully embraced a live service model, so it would be feasible to expand a campaign after launch.

However, if Treyarch and the others Obligations developers have no interest in bringing this concept back, Deviation Games should consider doing a 2v2 campaign on their next PlayStation exclusive. Not only does Sony have an interest in live service projects, something that was a key part of the original concept, but Deviation Games co-founder Jason Blundell directed black ops 4. Reviving the idea of ​​a 2v2 story mode could be a genuine possibility, as its new studio can take inspiration from all the work that went into black ops 4the campaign of Although this campaign would no longer have any connection with Obligationsthe idea behind the mode is what really made it special, and it deserves to become more than just a concept.

call of duty: black ops 4 It is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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