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A Devil May Cry remake is long overdue

A Devil May Cry remake is long overdue
Written by ga_dahmani
A Devil May Cry remake is long overdue

Many beloved game classics like demonic resident Y Final Fantasy have received incredibly successful remakes, but the Devil can cry The franchise has yet to get the attention it deserves. After the release of the devil may cry 5, the game skyrocketed in popularity and quickly became the best-selling title in the series before taking home the 2019 Game Award for Best Action Game. Since then, fan interest in the demon hunter hack-and-slash continues to grow, and a Devil can cry remake would be the perfect game to hold onto fans until a possible devil may cry 6.

So far, the franchise has produced six main games and a handful of special editions, including the HD Collection that remastered the original games for PlayStation 3. As well as being the main character of the series, the infamous demon hunter and the favorite demon of everyone, Dante. has appeared in a handful of games outside of the series, including Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne. However, we have yet to see the original games revamped from their early days on PlayStation. With the success of the remakes continuing to grow, a Devil can cry the new version is very late.

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Originally, Devil can cry was going to be a sequel to the already popular Capcom series, demonic resident. After some discussion about the style and story of the game compared to the established setting of demonic residentthe developers felt that the proposed game did not fit the series’ survival-horror aspect and thus a completely new stylized action game was born. Devil can cry it would go on to pioneer the hack-and-slash genre with its ranked combo system and compelling lore that fascinates gamers to this day.

The first thing that caught players’ attention was not only its new playstyle using “style points” and challenging enemies, but also its environment. Devil can cry presented players with a mix of gothic horror in a modern world with a dash of hellish terrors in the form of world ending demons. This would go on to serve as a draw for fans wondering what kind of evil demon they would face next and how it fit into the complicated history and deeply fascinating lore of Dante and his brother Vergil. However, this continuous model for a game could only go so far.

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After a lousy attempt to restart the game with DmC: The devil may cry, the future of the series became uncertain. Six years later, the game was restarted again with the devil may cry 5, bringing back the original characters and a new look at the incredible RE Engine. It was a far cry from the fixed camera angles that frustrated gamers and provided jaw-dropping graphics that are still impressive three years later.

With such incredible improvements to the game, it’s about time the original fan-favorite got the same treatment. If something, demonic resident has proven that redoing an old game, cleaning up the graphics and story, as well as removing that stressful still camera, is exactly what fans want. new fans of the Devil can cry Series that started with the devil may cry 5 and wanting to delve into the history of the series may be put off by the outdated gameplay and graphics. Capcom already has several successful remakes under its belt, and remaking other popular games in its catalog could be just as lucrative.

demonic resident has proven that remakes are not only profitable, they are the perfect way to revive a series. With Devil can cryDue to the huge fan base and popularity of , a new version of the game that pioneered the world of hack-and-slash action games is long overdue. A Devil can cry The remake would not only fuel growing fan interest in this beloved series, it could take the world by storm once again with a game that captured fans from the start.

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