How to build a bubble elevator

How to build a bubble elevator
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How to build a bubble elevator

Whether it’s for a quick exit from a deep stalactite cave or a quick route to the top of a tall tower, Minecraft players are always looking for quick ways to scale great heights. Stairs are slow, minecart lifts are expensive, slime block lifts are fiddly, and as such bubble lifts have become a fan favorite. These machines are very easy to buildact quickly and, more importantly, are incredibly cheap.

bubble lifts work automatically, which means that just by stepping foot inside, players will be transported to any height without the need to do anything else. They work with water, but even though the players are completely submerged, No drown once the elevator is running. This layout is suitable for Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, and is very fast and easy to learn.


Gather your supplies

to build a bubble elevator traveling upwardsplayers will need all of the following items:

  • a bucket of water
  • a wooden door
  • A block of soul sand
  • Building blocks
  • Kelp

If the players instead want to make a elevator traveling downmust choose a magma block instead of sand soul block.

The amount of building blocks and algae needed depends on the height Elevator For every block high the elevator is, players will need a single piece of seaweed and four blocks to enclose the water. In this guide, we’ll use glass, but any full block will do. It should also be noted that the algae are only temporary for construction, so there is no need for players to worry about wasting seaweed.

bubble lift up

To get started, build the standpipe that will line your elevator. there should be a two block gap left in the down one of the four sides, so that a wooden door can be placed. In the image below, the door is placed on top of the mud block, No the grass inside the tube. At the top of the tube, place a single water source which will flow to the bottom. The gate will prevent it from flowing out.

Players must then fill the entire tube with kelp. To do this, place a single piece of seaweed at the base of the tube, then swim up while holding the “place block” button. This will fill the entire tube with seaweed. Note that as the bubble riser is not yet functionalPlayers lose oxygen as they swim and lay down seaweed. The player must be careful not to drown if it is a very high lift; consider using some water breathing potions.

It may not seem very obvious why seaweed was placed, especially if it’s going to break anyway, but seaweed actually has a unique property. Kelp turns all the water it touches into source blocks that are necessary for the bubble lifter to work. Players who make small elevators could just place all the source blocks manually, but that becomes tedious at longer lengths. Finally, to finish the machine, players must destroy the algae and replace the block below it with soul sand.

When placing the soul sand, the water will begin to bubble. By simply entering the water, players will be sucked into the end of the tube in a breakneck speed while bubbles keep players oxygenated all the way.

bubble lift down

If the players want reverse direction of the elevator to make it go down instead, replacing the soul sand with a magma block will do just that. However, it is significantly faster for players simply drop an empty tube in a puddle of water. Bubble elevators go at the same speed in both directions, but gravity acts much faster. Magma blocks could still be useful for players who want to make a two-way elevator using pistons to swap the blocks at the bottom.

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