7 tips for building storage

7 tips for building storage
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7 tips for building storage

There is so much to collect in Minecraft, from blocks that will be used to create a dream house to elements necessary to make the necessary tools. Because of this, there is not enough space in a player’s inventory to carry everything that can be collected while wandering the open world.

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Fortunately, when players settle on their own Minecraft home, they can make an entire room dedicated to keeping all their items neat and tidy. However, building a storage room is not as easy as it sounds, so there are a few things to keep in mind when building a space for all your precious belongings.


7 Have plenty of chest space

Playing in a world for a long time, there will be a lot of resources to collect over time that old chest setups in a home will fill up and then there will be a need to expand just to accommodate a couple more items. in. To save yourself some trouble, a storage room must be quite substantial.

It’s okay to create a ton of chests, even if they’re going to be empty for a while. Most likely they will be needed in the future. In the early days of a storage room, putting everything in a chest and then slowly sorting the items into the various empty chests will be much easier.

6 Don’t make it easily accessible

It is good to have a storage room at hand, but considering the probability that very rare and valuable things will be placed there, it must be protected significantly. If you play in a single player world, it shouldn’t be a big deal. The best thing you can do is light up the place so no mobs spawn and possibly put up a door that mobs can’t easily get through.

Multiplayer worlds are a bit more complicated. Using redstone could be a good way to keep players away, especially in a world where protected plots prevent outsiders from using a gadget. If that’s not the case, hide the room behind walls so it won’t be quickly found and potentially broken into.

5 Section by type, not just individual items

Keeping track of where all the items are can be a real challenge, but a storage room gives players the opportunity to set up chests so they know where to look when looking for a specific item. Since it would be a lot to dedicate a chest to a single item, it might be smart to break it down by type.

For example, players can create one corner of chests that are just dedicated to building blocks, while another corner is just dedicated to different plants. It can be tempting to dedicate a chest to just diamonds, but if players don’t find enough to fill a double chest, it might be better to have a chest dedicated to ores instead.

4 Label with item frames

By structuring a storage room in a specific way, players can try to plan which items will go in which areas. However, there’s always the chance that even after spending so much time sorting, players won’t remember where an item ended up.

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The easiest way to solve this problem is to add a tag to a chest or series of chests. However, the signs don’t really stand out unless players add a font color. An easier way to tag containers is by placing an element frame on or above them. In this way, players can show an item that may be in the chest, helping them immediately notice where to look.

3 Shulker Boxes Help Consolidate Storage

Even with the caveats that a giant storage room needs to be built, it’s hard to prepare for the sheer number of items that can be collected in a short amount of time. And after a while, it could get annoying dealing with storage in a room.

One way to consolidate a ton of items is to acquire Shulker Shells from The End to make a Shulker Box. These boxes have as much space as a single chest and can be placed inside other chests. It can even go on the fly with the player, which is nice when trying to build something far from the warehouse.

two Make room for utility blocks

While storage crates will be at the center of a storage room, there are a handful of other blocks that players should think about placing there. This includes utility blocks like a crafting bench, loom, blacksmithing table, and more.

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All of these tools are not only useful to exist in the game, but they are also useful when it comes to consolidating items into chests. Crafting and combining items will free up space in a storage, and players don’t have to worry about keeping new items in their inventory with the storage available.

1 Use Redstone to create an automatic classifier

Organization can be relaxing for some and frustrating for others. But those who have experience producing redstone gadgets may want to build an automatic item sorter. These systems tend to involve many hoppers while transporting blocks.

In general, a single filing cabinet is easy to make, but building it for an entire storage room can be a bit difficult. It can work best by creating classification systems for specific sections of the room, meaning players will need to place items in the appropriate category. It’s worth using online resources to find out which article classifier works best for your situation.

Minecraft is available to play on Windows, Mac, Nintendo, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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