Venom’s Skin Glitch Is Literally Dangerous To Watch

Venom’s Skin Glitch Is Literally Dangerous To Watch
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Venom’s Skin Glitch Is Literally Dangerous To Watch

Fortnite has a glut of cosmetic skins. From pop culture icons to user generated outfits, the game has a massive repository that can please even the most scrupulous players. Given the superfulity, it is plausible that some sets could fail and malfunction.

Crashes are nothing new for Fortnite players. Since its release in 2017, the game has been under constant development, which can sometimes trigger certain bugs and affect the proper functioning of some features. While most glitches are in-game and harmless, there are a few that can be dangerous.

A clip listing one such glitch is making the rounds in the Fortnite community, and players are exploiting it for all the wrong reasons. It can be fatal to dismiss the fact that the failure would not cause any harm. Readers are advised to interact with embedded media with caution.

Fortnite Venom skin glitch can trigger photosensitive epilepsy

Recently, a YouTube-based Fortnite creator, GKI, informed the community about a visual glitch that can prove fatal to a minuscule audience. The extreme editing style of the Venom skin can trigger epilepsy in photosensitive players. Although the glitch is restricted to specific maps, it still poses a threat and needs to be addressed immediately.

(Photosensitive shooting warning. Viewer discretion advised.)

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If players, equipped with the aforementioned outfit, were to enter a Fortnite creative map that has glow visual effects enabled, their outfit would become very bright and begin to pulsate. Suddenly, glowing lights of different hues will begin to emanate from the outfit and it will turn into an unidentified mass of glowing colored lights.

The glitch is not limited to the users themselves, as other players present on the map can also witness its effect. To others, the outfitted opponent looks like a giant blob of glowing lights that is indistinguishable from the character. By comparison, the glitch appears to be more detrimental to other players than the users themselves.

Although the outfit can trigger epilepsy, what worries most players is whether this cheat makes the skin a pay-to-win cosmetic. The glitch causes the opponent to be almost camouflaged in bright lights making it difficult to target hitboxes. Players must be careful before wearing the outfit.

Screenshot of the video comment panel.  (Image via Youtube/GKI)
Screenshot of the video comment panel. (Image via Youtube/GKI)
Screenshot of the video comment panel.  (Image via Youtube/GKI)
Screenshot of the video comment panel. (Image via Youtube/GKI)

Photosensitive triggers are nothing new in gaming. Most video games come with an activation warning. The developers include a warning message before the game starts and even provide visual adjustments to minimize any incidents. Although it is done primarily to compensate developers, it is still an effective preventative action.

More about the Venom skin in Fortnite

Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, the Venom outfit is part of the Marvel series. Available for 2,000 V-bucks, the skin was last seen in the item shop on August 12, 2022.

This particular outfit was also broken in the past. A few months ago, any player equipped with the Venom outfit would turn invisible for a few seconds while he emoted.

New reviews! Task Force X A simple floating light that can be configured. Warning: This device can be configured in a way that can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy.#Fortnite

. @GameFortnite Please take this out of the game. It’s giving me seizures mid-screen in fortnite due to my epilepsy medical issues.

While photosensitive triggers are not a common occurrence, there have been cases in the past where gamers have faced these types of issues. The developers at Epic Games are very proactive when it comes to situations that can be dangerous for players, and this bug is expected to be fixed soon.

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