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Top 10 Call of Duty Players of All Time

Top 10 Call of Duty Players of All Time
Written by ga_dahmani
Top 10 Call of Duty Players of All Time

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter franchise that has dominated the space for decades, with a rich history of millions of players, but only a select few make it to the top of the mountain in the Call of Duty League. With multiple world championships and millions of dollars in prize money won, here are our top 10 Call of Duty players of all time.

Ranking players is no easy task: you have to weigh the total number of events they’ve won, how many world championship rings they’ve won, their raw talent in the game, and the intangible skills that helped them rise to the top. .

There are a number of honorable mentions that just aren’t enough for us: the likes of Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan, Bryan ‘Apathy’ Zhelyazkov, and Sam ‘Octane’ Larew all deserve a mention as one of the greats. , and fell out of the top 10.

However, our final list is as follows:

10. Liddicoat Austin ‘SlasheR’

SlasheR playing in the CDL

call of duty league

SlasheR’s run may have slowed down a bit, but he’s still considered a perennial winner.

SlasheR just beat out his former Envy teammates Apathy and JKap for 10th place on our list. Despite having one less world championship ring than both players, SlasheR has almost always been seen as an S-tier assault rifle player, as well as a ruthless yet efficient leader.

While SlasheR hasn’t had the success he expects of himself and his teammates in recent years (even his 2022 Major 2 victory seems like a lifetime ago), there’s no question that SlasheR has been one of the best of all time in Call of Duty as a three-time champion finalist and one-time champion.

9. Patrick ‘Aches’ Price

Aches has been the villain of the CoD scene for as long as he’s been on it, always the king of trash talk, but he also has the cutlery to back it up.

Known as the OpTic killer when it comes to Champion timing, Aches is a two-time World Champion and helped lead Call of Duty’s first great dynasty, his Black Ops 2/Ghost Complexity team, to stardom.

8. Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris

aBeZy is the first of the new generation of players on this list, but he’s not the last. Along with Tiny Terrors duo Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr, aBeZy has dominated the competition since he burst onto the scene in Black Ops 4 and is commonly regarded as the best entry-level SMG in the game.

Despite his lack of years playing at the top, aBeZy is a two-time world champion and has reached two more world championship finals, so he is no stranger to success.

7. Alec ‘Arcity’ Sanderson

Arcitys at CDL LAN

Instagram: atl_faze

Arcitys has risen rapidly in the Call of Duty earnings rankings.

Arcitys has quickly risen up the Call of Duty earnings rankings to challenge Crimsix for the top spot despite not having competed on a professional level that long.

After breaking out in the CWL days at United with his brother Prestinni, he went on to help turn the Atlanta FaZe 2020 team into multiple champions and world champions in 2021, with his combination of leadership skills and incredible AR talent creating a terrifying combination. which to face.

6. Matthew ‘Formal’ Piper

A shining star of the OpTic dynasty and often considered one of the best AR gamers of all time, FormaL went from Halo to Call of Duty during the Ghost season and was instantly recognized as a crazy talent.

He went on to be a key component in perhaps the greatest CoD roster of all time, including finishing his 2017 Champs MVP run with 1.44 KD, one of the most dominant performances ever seen in Call of Duty.

5. Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr

After much publicity as a hobbyist online, Simp first joined the professional ranks midway through the Black Ops 4 season after finally turning 18, and immediately became the best player in the game. He won two championships that year, including a world championship, and has followed it up with three consecutive seasons being the gold standard with back-to-back world championship finals and an additional ring to his name.

Unless something goes horribly wrong, Simp, along with his Atlanta FaZe teammates, will go down as the best to play the game. His talent is second to none, and now he just needs to keep collecting the cutlery he is already so familiar with.

4. Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow

karma wins third ring cod champions infinity war 2017


Karma is one of the most successful players in Call of Duty history.

The first player to win three world championships, Karma’s career was one that very few can match. Even now, two years after his retirement, there are always rumors that players and teams would love to bring the Canadian star to his team.

Karma was the best in the world in his career at Fariko Impact and Complexity, winning the world championships in 2013 and 2014, before topping the dominant OpTic dynasty and winning it again in 2017. He earned 24 total chips in his career and was widely regarded. the GOAT before his career slowed at the start of the CDL.

3. James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks

Clayster, another three-time world champion and a name that has become as synonymous with Call of Duty esports as any other. His accolades are even more impressive when you consider the fact that he had a 1,400-day championship drought between Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 4, and the last few years of his career proved to be the most successful.

While Clay didn’t play the second half of the 2022 season, he still hasn’t hung up the sticks, and any team looking for an AR player will have him high on their Modern Warfare 2 priority list.

2. Seth ‘Scump’ Abner

Scump may not have the world championship rings that those around him on this list do (his only win came in 2017), but Scump is more than deserving of a spot near the top.

He has won 30 championships in his career and proudly boasts that he is the oldest SMG player in the league, and he still looks very impressive while doing it. He has always been one of the most talented players to touch the game, and that hasn’t changed much throughout his career. Being the Warzone Solo YOLO $100k champion doesn’t exactly hurt his resume either.

1. Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter

One thing the community can almost unanimously agree on is that Crimsix is ​​the GOAT. While he may not have the raw talent that Scump and Simp still have, he’s certainly no slouch and no one can question his winning mentality.

With 37 chips to his name, including three world championships, any team Crim is on instantly looks like a potential winner, and that doesn’t seem likely to change anytime soon.

Crimsix on CDL LAN

Instagram: subliners

Crimsix is ​​almost unanimously considered the Call of Duty GOAT.

Obviously, this is all completely subjective. Someone who values ​​world championships more may put Karma and Clayster above Scump, while others might argue that Simp is even higher based solely on how incredibly talented he is.

That said, these players are truly the cream of the crop, and it will be hard for anyone to knock those players off the top without a truly dominant run, but the 2023 season of Modern Warfare 2 could certainly see some movement, especially towards the end of list

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