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The Most Evil Video Game Babies

The Most Evil Video Game Babies
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The Most Evil Video Game Babies

Babies are usually not the first thing someone would think of as evil beings. By their nature, babies are helpless, innocent, and incapable of murdering someone in their sleep. They require constant care to survive and have not yet developed much conscious thought.

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However, this hasn’t stopped them from occasionally turning into terrifying villains. Some games have decided to take these harmless babies and make them significantly less harmless, usually by making them much larger than the babies should be and adding an extra layer of mischievousness. These babies are likely to make even the most motherly or paternal person uncomfortable.


5 Supreme Being – Parasite Eve

The final boss of the PS1 action RPG parasite eve it’s a baby. For a game that begins with an opera singer setting the entire audience on fire, that might seem like an unusual choice, but it makes sense in context. This baby is the Supreme Being, the result of terrible experiments with mitochondria that have evolved to become sentient and take over the human body, resulting in a terrifying new stage of evolution.

At the climax of the game, it is revealed that Eve, the main villain, has been pregnant with the Supreme Being all along, and her death results in the birth of the creature. She appears as a giant baby, equipped with cherub wings and still dragging her umbilical cord. She doesn’t stick to this form for long, as she grows up during the boss battle, but she makes her entrance by blowing up a fleet of ships, showing how powerful she is even when she’s a baby.

4 Lurkers/Crawlers – Dead Space

Dead space is a series full of terrifying body horror, with its necromorph enemies all being hideously mutated human corpses created by the mysterious interstellar markers. However, the marker pathogen does not discriminate, as its victims include infants, and there are not one, but two infant-based Necromorphs in the series: the Lurker, introduced in the first game, and the Crawler, who appeared in the second.

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Stalkers are formed from the embryos of unborn children, mostly from artificial wombs in the first game. They look like hideously deformed babies with added tentacles, including three that sprout from their backs and shoot out spikes. Trackers are equally hideous, appearing as babies crawling on their backs with explosive sacs protruding from their stomachs that will detonate once they get close enough. the Dead space Games are already great at making their players uncomfortable, but these killer babies add an extra layer of terror.

3 The child – Catherine

Atlus’ Katherine it’s a strange game. It stars Vincent, an unambitious man played by Troy Baker in possibly the strangest role of his. It’s kind of a romance visual novel, where the player navigates through everyday life, before the game takes a turn towards the supernatural at night, when it turns into a block-based puzzle platformer where Vincent uploads a series of towers in underwear. The plot of the game revolves around Vincent being torn between his girlfriend Katherine and a mysterious woman named Catherine with whom he begins an affair.

As part of the many torments Vincent goes through in his tower-based nightmares, he will be chased by a terrifying beast that represents the fear of commitment to his girlfriend. Naturally, one of them relates to the fear of starting a family, represented by The Child, a gigantic baby covered in bulging veins who yells “daddy” at Vincent. He also returns later, this time with a chainsaw, because a giant screaming baby clearly wasn’t scary enough the first time.

two God – Silent Hill 3

the Silent Hill The series is full of monsters that represent deep psychological fears within its main cast, and silent hill 3 is not an exception. Throughout the game, the Silent Hill cult tries to get the protagonist, Heather Mason, to go to town and bring her to the order, as she has the power to give birth to a god with the power to bring about a new order. and terrifying the world.

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If that wasn’t enough, it turns out that Heather is already pregnant with the god, implanted in her by supernatural means, something any teenager would find terrifying. Judging by the fact that she finds a way to expel it from her body through vomiting, she suggests that it may not be where an embryo should be. Interference from the main antagonist Claudia means that the god can still be brought into the world, but Heather’s actions result in a flawed god that she can then hit with a steel pipe like any other monster in the world. Silent Hill Serie.

1 Benevenento Baby House – Resident Evil Village

fans of demonic resident they generally agree on what the scariest part of Resident Evil Village en: House Beneviento, a house that sits across a suspension bridge on the outskirts of town, and home to doll-obsessed Donna Beneviento. When Ethan visits this house looking for pieces of his daughter Rose, he gets an unpleasant welcome. After going down to the basement of the house, a brief encounter with Donna’s doll, Angie, and an autopsy on a mannequin that looks exactly like his wife Mia, Ethan comes face to face with a giant baby monster. .

Looking like an enormously elongated baby with its legs thrown back, it aggressively crawls towards Ethan while laughing and crying like a real child. To make matters worse, Ethan also loses his weapons during this part, so the only way to get through this section is to hide from the creature while it chases the player.

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