The most annoying tricks in Fortnite Chapter 3 and how to detect them

The most annoying tricks in Fortnite Chapter 3 and how to detect them
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The most annoying tricks in Fortnite Chapter 3 and how to detect them

Despite the best efforts of Epic Games, Fortnite has been riddled with cheating since its release in 2017, with multiple issues in the game’s latest Chapter 3 update. From casual players to professionals in the Fortnite World Cup, Battle Royale game cheats have been spotted, frustrating the game’s loyal fanbase. Epic Games’ Easy Anti-Cheat technology was featured in Fortnite has helped combat hacking and cheating in the game and beyond, with Epic releasing the technology to developers as part of its Epic Online Services toolset. While this anti-cheat technology helps combat hacking, new bugs and exploits continue to appear that players can take advantage of. Fortniteand the game’s newly released Chapter 3 is no exception.


While players using wallhacks and aimbot cheats are a relatively common occurrence, usually resulting in player accounts being banned, other more subtle methods of cheating in Fortnite they are also ubiquitous. Epic Games’ Competitive Integrity Standards outline its plans to combat creative cheating in Fortnite tournaments, but what can you do on a day-to-day basis? Fortnite player do to help fight cheats? Epic Games encourages players to report integrity and cheating issues to their support team. However, cases of cheating can be difficult to prove, and players can easily file false reports against other players.

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A Fortnite-focused YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers, cold siderecently described in a video exploits and cheats that had been identified in Fortnite‘s Chapter 3. While some of the “tricks” are harmless tips, like where to find a llama and loot on the new map, others require the player to take advantage of various glitches in Fortnite. The YouTuber repeatedly warns his audience that using some of these cheats can result in an Epic Games account ban. In their Community Rules, Epic Games describes cheating to include “exploiting bugs and glitches.” A common example of this is XP crashes on creative maps. These glitches grant players XP, often unlimited, which allows them to level up exceptionally quickly. For players who go through in-game quests and challenges to level up quickly, being outmatched by players taking advantage of XP glitches can be frustrating.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced new cheats

Shortly after the start of Fortnite Chapter 3, players found new ways to take advantage of the new items added to the game. Tents, a new item introduced in Fortnite‘s Chapter 3 upgrade, it can be used by players as a place to rest and regenerate health. Players can store up to three items in a store, and since item storage is not limited to a specific match, players can return to their store and retrieve their stored items in later games. As a result, instead of mythic weapons being rare and hard to come by, many players retrieve a mythic weapon from their shop at the start of the game, resulting in dozens being available in a single game. As players can store up to three of these Mythic weapons in a single store, your entire squad can start the game with these extremely powerful weapons, much to the dismay of players who rely on loot and floor chests early in the game.

While these exploits and flaws clearly differ from using third-party tools like aimbot, they fall into a gray area that can still be considered cheating by Epic Games, resulting in action against the account, with the most severe penalty being a permanent ban. Players should keep this in mind if they decide to take advantage of these feats or glitches in their Fortnite games, as it can be difficult to reinstate an account after a ban. Epic has also cracked down on Fortnite players circumventing cheating bans, by banning any subsequent account created by a banned player. While some of these tricks and exploits may seem harmless, Epic Games has become increasingly vigilant, especially in competition. Fortnite tournaments, and players must remember to always abide by the community rules and Terms of Service to avoid penalties.

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