Rumbleverse: Complete PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Controls and Gaming Tips for Beginners

Rumbleverse: Complete PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Controls and Gaming Tips for Beginners
Written by ga_dahmani
Rumbleverse: Complete PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S Controls and Gaming Tips for Beginners

The newest free-to-play Battle Royale has been released in Iron Galaxy Studios’ Rumbleverse. The over-the-top cartoony fighter is similar to Fortnite, but mostly without the projectile weapons and guns. Instead, you can find many different melee weapons on stage, as well as use unarmed attacks. You can also throw objects at your opponents and even use things like street signs and trash cans as weapons.

Below is your complete controls guide for Rumbleverse on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S (the PlayStation 5 version was played for this piece). After the controls, there will be gameplay tips geared toward beginners to these types of games, as well as some tips specific to the Rumbleverse game mechanics.

All Rumbleverse controls

Action PS4 and PS5 controls xbox one and
Xbox Series X|S controls
Move on L L
Camera R R
reset camera R3 R3
Jump X A
Reciprocity Circle B.
basic attack Square X
vicious attack Triangle Y
Special 1 and Aim L1 LB
Special 2 and Launch R1 RB
Dash L2 (hold) LT
Block R2 (hold) RT
Dodge R2+L2 RT+LT
superstar mode L2+Circle LT+B
super attack Triangle (in Superstar
Y (in Superstar
Inventory 1, 2, 3, 4 D-Pad up, right, down,
D-Pad Up, Left, Down,
Whistle L3 L3
gesture tracker Touch panel To chat
pause menu Options Menu

Note that the left and right thumbsticks are indicated as L and R, respectively. Pressing either is marked as L3 and R3. You can also remap the controls to your liking in the Settings.

Rumbleverse tips and tricks for beginners

Below are game tips for playing Rumbleverse. These tips are geared towards battle royale game beginners, but there are Rumbleverse-specific tips as well.

1. Run around the playground as a pseudo-tutorial

The map showing the attack priority system and the perks you have unlocked.

Rumbleverse has a quasi-tutorial called Playground. It is the third playable mode on the main screen (toggle with Square or X, press Triangle or Y to play). You can decide to play with or without the ability to damage and take damage from other players in the Playground. It may be better to play without the ability activated to avoid annoying interference (you will respawn if you get eliminated).

As you move, you will see bright red lights shining from the ground to the sky. There are several monitors in the clearly lit areas that will give you basic tips on how to play, like the tips above on how to pull off a basic melee attack combo. The red light areas will be where you can experiment with various weapons.

You can also practice on Playground Bots. Most won’t attack you (except in the dodge area), so you can practice with them all you want. Choose combos, which will increase your Superstar meter (the blue meter with a star on it), allowing you to enter Superstar mode. You can then launch a super attack with Triangle or Y. Even better, the more damage you deal to the bots, the more buffs you unlock, which will activate during solo or duo play.

2. Customize your character before playing alone or in a duo

The character is customized with exclusive PlayStation Plus boxing gear.

Rumbleverse has a lot of customizable items for your character. You can change your outfit, hair, skin tone, and more. Many options are locked at first, although some can be purchased from the store. However, you still have a good number to start with and you will unlock more as you play. PlayStation Plus subscribers can unlock the boxing gear shown in the image.

Rumbleverse also has an in-game store where you can purchase customizable items. You will need to have what the game calls Brawlla Bills, the in-game currency. There will also be a Battle Pass that will likely be released when Season 1 officially launches on August 18.

3. Keep an eye on your stamina and health meters

Eat some meat to restore HP.

As you play, keep an eye on the two (three with the superstar) meters at the bottom of the screen. The yellow-orange bar is your stamina bar, which is depleted by running and climbing walls. The green meter is your health meter.

Stamina will replenish naturally, but slowly. Health will not replenish unless you use an item. You can eat food like the whole turkey shown in the picture and other consumables like drinks and potions. There are also stamina potions that will continually replenish your stamina for the duration of the effect.

It’s always great to have at least one health recovery item and one stamina item so you can escape sticky situations in a pinch. However, keep in mind that the act of consuming an item will cause you to move slowly or stay in one place while your player literally eats or drinks the item. To use an item, pick it up with Circle or B, or use the D-Pad to take it from your inventory, then use Square or X.

4. Avoid conflict whenever possible

The best way to survive in the Rumbleverse is avoid conflict whenever possible. Sure, it’s fun to fight others and take them out, but that also leaves you open to the same thing. Try to stay high, jumping across buildings and rooftops, to avoid as many conflicts as possible. When you do have to engage, make a quick escape when the opportunity presents itself.

The image above shows how to get to the top six, but only one full battle has been started up to that point. Avoiding conflict can lead to being in the top five, top two, or even victory, which adds more Fame Points (essentially experience points).

You will get the post match screen once you have been eliminated or won. In the first race, second place was earned by completing the initial three challenges, rising to level two once the challenges’ Fame Points were claimed. The more damage you deal, the more kills you’ll make, and the higher your final placement, the more points you’ll get.

5. Avoid the edges of the map for when the ring shrinks

As with all Battle Royale games, the playable area of ​​the map shrinks at certain time intervals. Eventually, it will be a small radius that really only has room for the final two fighters. While avoiding conflict, head towards the center of the map (in general) to prevent the map from shrinking. The final area will not always be in the center of the map, but it is more likely to be in the center area of the map than the edges.

If you get caught in the ring, you will have ten seconds to reach the new playable area before being removed. You can still be attacked by fighters trying to avoid the same fate, so be careful!

6. Dominate dodging and blocking

To maximize your chances of survival, master dodging and blocking. There are several ways to dodge (using L2+R2 or LT+RT) and you can block with R2 or RT. When you play in the Playground, there is a dodge area where you can practice and learn about the different types of dodges. The best part about dodging is that it briefly grants you a moment of invulnerability while dodging. However, dodging uses stamina and if you block too much your block will break. There are also unguardable attacks that can mess up your game plan.

The most basic type is the backflip, which is simply activated with R2+L2 or RT+LT. You will just flip backwards. If you press the buttons with a direction, then you will evade with a spin to the side you entered.

There are two types of rescue dodges: rescue on hit and rescue on miss. The save on hit allows you to perform a dodge after landing a hit to avoid the cooldown period after landing a combo. Simply press R2+L2 or RT+LT during an attack. Bailout on Miss does the same thing, but on a miss hit. Both use more stamina than a simple dodge, but Rescue the Miss uses most of the resistanceso avoid it when you can.

Dodge and block can turn the tide of battle against your opponent(s). Master them!

7. Get super attacks, but you’ll be vulnerable if you miss

You will build your Superstar meter by launching attacks and collecting blue stars on the map. When it’s full, you can enter Superstar mode with R2+Circle or RT+B. In Superstar mode, your health and stamina will regenerate and your attacks will be stronger. Additionally, you can launch a special attack, which is unblockable if it lands, to deal massive damage and potentially take out an opponent. However, if you lose the super, you will be vulnerable to attacks and even a super yourself.

8. Complete challenges for easy fame points.

You will receive daily challenges that you can recast if you have more left. At launch, there were easy challenges like completing 12 long jumps or climbing walls. These daily challenges reward you with 50 fame points each, an easy way to level up. After completing the first three, another two appeared (pictured), making it seem like there may be a total of five daily challenges to complete.

Weekly challenges will likely decrease once Season 1 begins on August 18.

You now have your complete controls guide for the Rumbleverse. Master dodge and block, launch your super attacks and win!

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