Revealed the next generation Aimbot that uses AI! New cheat program active, almost impossible to detect

Revealed the next generation Aimbot that uses AI!  New cheat program active, almost impossible to detect
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Revealed the next generation Aimbot that uses AI!  New cheat program active, almost impossible to detect

A new cheat program is taking over game consoles. This hack reportedly hijacks flagship console systems and uses machine learning to create “undetectable” and “untraceable” hack codes.

Cheating softwares are notoriously popular on any gaming platform. Malicious players and developers are constantly looking for ways to make the game easier, especially for competitive modes. New cheat software announced for the “Call of Duty” franchise. However, the creator said that this software would work for any game on any platform.

The Twitter account AntiCheatPD, which specializes in “gathering cheat intelligence to detect and disrupt cheating organizations,” posted a two-minute video announcing the cheat software. The original source and its creator remain undisclosed.

Revealed the next generation Aimbot that uses AI!

There are different types of cheat programs, depending on the preferences of the player. Auto-Aim and Wall Hack are some of the most common cheats. This new cheat program is advertised as a complete package, which includes features such as:

  • auto aim
  • Auto lock activated
  • self critical shots
  • recoil reduction
  • increased hitbox
  • weapons detection
  • infinite presets
  • user-friendly interface
  • high speed systems
  • Use advanced technology

The cheat software is said to be “full featured” and “compatible with any game”. Kotaku reported that this cheat tool uses a sophisticated program aided by machine learning. Analyze game video from a game console via network streaming or capture card. It sends the data to a nearby computer that displays complete information that the cheater could use.

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New cheat program active, almost impossible to detect

As mentioned, different cheat programs are already available for any gaming platform. However, cheating mostly happens on PC where new technologies and programs make it much easier to enter hack codes. Traditionally, game consoles like Xbox X/S and PS5 are much more difficult to hack. These consoles have their own security measures in addition to a highly encrypted program.

Unfortunately, new reported cheating software tops that.

AntiCheatPD noticed that the new cheat software hijacks the console and enters new commands to its controller. It amplifies personalized aim assist, using highly intuitive software, so “all you have to do is aim in the general area, and the machine will do the work for you.”

Such cheating software uses a program that would be difficult for developers to detect. Even more so because this is one of the first cheat programs that directly attacks the game console program.

Nevertheless, SVG noted that the overall system might not be as useful. Since the cheat runs through a PC before reaching the console’s streaming apps, cheaters may experience a significant lag. The report says the hack would be “pretty limited in value, even if the AI ​​were perfect.”

This next generation cheat software is just one of many pre-existing cheat programs. To resolve these issues, please contact your local game developer and help them raise awareness of this issue.

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