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Resident Evil Village: Every Boss Fight, Ranked

Resident Evil Village: Every Boss Fight, Ranked
Written by ga_dahmani
Resident Evil Village: Every Boss Fight, Ranked

Resident Evil Village has some of the most memorable bosses and locations in franchise history. Whether you’re opening secret chambers in Castle Dimitrescu or uncovering a big reveal in Heisenberg’s factory, each area has its own unique look. Its walls, as well as some of the other bosses’ lairs, include not only the main bosses, but also some surprise villains who offer their own unique kind of terrifying challenge.

For our list, we’ll sift through and rank each boss fight based on how memorable the fight is, the type of challenge each enemy offers, and the amount of user strategy that should be used.


10/10 Angie

Angie’s dollhouse is the scariest area in the entire game, but why is fighting it ranked 10th on our list? Well, it’s because the stage does most of the heavy lifting in this ‘fight’. You have to play a twisted game of hide and seek to defeat Angie. As he goes through the house trying to find her, he passes a bunch of other moving dolls. This greatly adds to the creepy effect of the area, but Angie is nowhere near a difficult enemy.

All you have to do to defeat her is find her in whatever room she’s moved into (she moves every time she’s caught) and press a button to pick her up and stab her with scissors. There is not much skill in this fight.

9/10 Lady Dimetrescu

Lady Dimitrescu is one of the most memorable villains in the entire game. Hearing her footsteps as she stalks you is heartwarming. Unfortunately, the final battle against her is nothing more than a glorified sniper fight. After Ethan stabs her with a dagger, he takes her true form, which looks like a demonic version of Falkor from The Neverending Story, and fights her on top of her castle.

The sights are impressive, but there is no strategy other than shooting the white humanoid figure on the bestial part of its body and dealing damage. She will fly and try to hurt you, but her fight is just you throwing bullets at her from a distance. It’s disappointing for such a lauded character in the franchise.

8/10 Daughters of Dimitrescu

Before facing his mother, Lady Dimetrescu, you must defeat her three daughters: Bela, Daniela and Cassandra. While each of these ladies poses only a small threat, what sets them above Angie and her mother is that their fight requires a bit more strategy. These aren’t just enemies you can inject all of The Duke’s bullets into; you have to be aware of your surroundings.

You have to face them one by one through various rooms in Castle Dimitrescu. Although each fight takes place in a different room, each daughter can be similarly defeated by breaking the windows in the room or, in one case, opening a giant skylight, which has a timer, and shooting the daughters. They are bugs, and the cold breeze weakens them, allowing your shotgun blasts to damage them. They’re not that hard, but the brief puzzle angle of the windows adds to the fights as they chase you through each area.

7/10 Uriah

Urias is a giant Lycan-troll hybrid who wields a giant hammer. While you can take him down with a few revolver headshots, a couple of mines, and some pipe bombs, what makes his cave fighting so brutal (in a good way) is his hammer, which deals a lot of damage.

Also, Urias will call for backup by howling during the fight, and several Lycans will spawn near him and come after you trying to deal damage. He is the only boss in the game that will call for reinforcements during the fight.

6/10 Uriah Strajer

Urias Strajer is Urias’ older brother and wields a mace, making their fight more focused on surviving until Chris Redfield’s help can arrive and finish the battle. Fighting this monstrous behemoth puts you underground in a VERY narrow and extremely dark area. You have to pump all the lead you have towards him while avoiding his mace which deals a lot of damage. For three minutes, you must stay alive by moving and then defeat Uriasby by shining your locator on him, allowing your air attendant to see him and drop the charge on him.

Between each air attack from your assist, they have to reload and you have to go back to dodge and evade Strajer’s attacks. It’s the most claustrophobic fight in the entire game and it’s stressful, in a good way.

5/10 Moreau

Initially, you don’t think Moreau would be as dangerous and imposing as a boss, but then he reveals the disgusting body resting under his cloak. Moreau then grows massive in size and follows you around a semi-flooded area containing old wooden houses that act as shelter from his acid rain attack. Also, during the fight, he throws acid into the air, which covers the area, forcing you to take cover or take damage.

The only way you can damage him is by shooting the white humanoid figure that appears in front after he walks on a mine or takes a certain amount of explosive damage. Fighting Moreau also makes you feel a bit bad for him, as during the battle he yells “Don’t look at me that way” and “Don’t you love me, mother?”. Moreau is a nasty fishboy, but he’s a nasty fishboy that you can emphasize a little bit with.

4/10 Sturm

Sturm is a boss that can be found in the Heisenberg factory. This guy is a force of destruction, and you can only damage him by firing the engine near the bottom of his back. He will simply charge through walls destroying any form of cover you think you have. After taking multiple shots, he will also light fire, charge up and act as a walking flamethrower, setting pieces of the floor ablaze.

3/10 The baby

What is more horrible than meeting a giant female vampire? Well, think of a giant fetus with a taste for human flesh. The giant baby lurking in the basement of Angie’s dollhouse is terrifying and it stalks you while you’re down there. This encounter is terrifying because it happens completely in the dark and you rarely know where the thing is. You can hear it cooing as you walk, but watching it crawl on the ground is terrifying. Also, there’s no way to kill the damn thing.

You need to run while getting fuses in the dark to turn the elevator back on. It’s a terrifying experience from start to finish. If you get caught by the baby, you can see firsthand what it’s like to become baby food.

2/10 Mother Miranda

Fireballs and wings that act like spider legs with the power to impale you are just a couple of ways Mother Miranda tries to kill you. Her attacks have excellent range and do a good amount of damage. There are times when she feels like a bullet sponge, but that’s to be expected from the main boss. He is also quite agile, which makes headshots a bit difficult to land on her.

When facing Miranda, you must constantly move to avoid her quick attacks. If she is not flying towards you, she will take to the skies and shower you in a pool of hellfire from above.

1/10 Heisenberg

The fight against Heisenberg is the best fight in Resident Evil: Village because it takes place both on foot and in a homemade assault vehicle equipped with a cannon, chainsaw, and high-velocity machine gun. Heisenberg, whose real form is a robot that looks like a junkyard, attacks you with his saws. On top of that, he uses a magnetic field to protect himself by gathering pieces of metal around his body, which he also throws at you.

It takes a good number of tries to take down Heisenberg because you no longer have the Assault Vehicle for the second part of the fight, so you need to damage him on foot. Covers A LOT of ground in the second half of the fight, making every area you step on a pit of danger.

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