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Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Someone’s Girl

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Someone’s Girl
Written by ga_dahmani
Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Someone’s Girl

The previous episode of demonic resident was almost entirely focused on the 2022 story. This means that the 2036 story has a lot going on and dominates pretty much the entire runtime of Season 1 Episode 6.

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Mother Zero

Jade is taken prisoner by Umbrella, including a seemingly undead Billie who appears to be leading the charge. She confronts Jade about returning to Umbrella, but once they are alone, she frees Jade and tells her that there is a team from the University a mile away looking for her.

Billie also removes a tracker that Umbrella appears to have implanted in Jade’s arm between episodes. It seems like Billie is still dying from the dog bite all those years ago.

While he is able to outlast most people when exposed to T virus (like fourteen plus years) won’t be able to keep it at bay forever. Jade escapes with the head of the mother zero still safe in her bag and meets the University team who can take her home.

We finally get to see the University we’ve been hearing about since episode one. He has been able to survive in the world of the apocalypse for so long because it turns out that he is located entirely on a boat.

Jade comes aboard and is eventually happily reunited with her daughter. But there is still science to be done and Jade, along with her lab partner Amrita, set out to try to figure out how Mother Zero could control all the other Zeroes.

After fifty-six different tests in a single time frame, they can split the sample in two and have one solution that attracts the T-Virus and one that repels it. Amrita says that they need to test their findings on a real Zero and starts making plans to ask the University for permission to set up a trip back to earth.

There they can establish the proper procedures to test their discovery safely and effectively. Jade has a more direct approach.

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Go Fishing for Zeros

Cold water can cause Zeros to slow down, leaving them dead until they warm up. Jade escapes on a life raft, finds a shipwreck with dozens of catatonic zeros below the surface of the water, and goes fishing with a hook.

Once he has a Zero in his possession, he sneaks it aboard the University ship. As Jade ties up the Zero, her daughter walks into the lab and sees her mother with an unexplained monster tied to the wall.

She is understandably freaked out a bit, but Jade explains the plan and shows her the pheromone that should keep Zero away from her. Jade sprays herself with the pheromone and pricks her finger to draw blood from it.

The pheromone works and Zero can’t seem to register that Jade is there. However, Zero hears Jade’s daughter excitedly exclaim “It works!” and rips the bonds from her in an effort to get to her.

The Zero throws Jade aside and runs down the hall, attacking and killing the first person he comes in contact with, who turns out to be Amrita. A nearby soldier shoots Zero in the head, but it’s too late.

Amrita is dead, and everyone finds out that Jade snuck a Zero aboard the ship that was supposed to be her safe haven. To make matters worse, the episode closes with a bunch of helicopters coming out of nowhere, suggesting that Billie may not have removed all the tracers that Umbrella implanted in her sister.

Although this episode focused mainly on the post-apocalyptic future, there were only a few minutes left of the 2022 story. We get a quick story focused entirely on Albert trying to get rid of the danger posed by reporter Angel.

He kills him with a drug purporting to be the truth serum. By pitching the idea to Evelyn, Albert is able to confirm that no one else knows about Billie’s bite and injects the fake truth serum into Angel, killing him.

While this gets rid of Angel, Evelyn is suspicious enough of Albert that she has him locked up, presumably for some future interrogation of her own. However, the big reveal to close out the episode is that next to Albert is another imprisoned Albert.

But this one has a beard! So it looks like we’re going to introduce a cloning storyline as we go through the last couple of episodes.

Resident Evil Season 1 Episode 6 – In Conclusion…

This episode manages to be a lot and nothing at the same time. It’s supposed to be a big deal, a turning point for humans.

After all, this is what they’ve been looking for since the show began, something that will allow them to rebuild the world without the fear of the Zeroes. But Jade’s decision to bring a Zero on board seems so out of character that she feels as if she exists only to force a reversal in history and artificially create a new conflict.

Actually, it’s even more frustrating than that. Throughout the series, Jade has been described as a character who is impulsive and prone to acting without thinking of the consequences.

There’s even a whole scene at the beginning of this episode that exists just so people can talk about how reckless he is. The only problem is that we have never seen that aspect of Jade.

The way she has been presented throughout the entire series so far has been as someone resourceful and creative when faced with a challenge. Any action that could even be described as reckless only occurs when her back is against the wall and all other options have been extinguished.

The Jade that the characters have been describing is not the same Jade that the series has been showing us. It was annoying, but not something that was impossible to overcome by watching the rest of the show.

But now we have the episode that all of this must have been leading up to. We finally got Jade to act in a way that people say is like something she would do, but is completely out of character for the person we’ve been seeing in the last couple of episodes.

So this weird disconnect has been around for the entire series just to try to justify this action? it does not work

It still feels out of place, and it still feels forced, and it just goes to highlight how upsetting previous episodes have been around the development of this particular character.

Do you think Albert has been cloned? Are Jade and Billie also clones?

Let us know what you thought of demonic resident season 1 episode 6 in the comments below!

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