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Resident Evil 9 Could Bring Back Albert Wesker

Resident Evil 9 Could Bring Back Albert Wesker
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Resident Evil 9 Could Bring Back Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker is an iconic antagonist who could make a grand return in Resident Evil 9. Although he is presumed dead since the events of resident Bad 5, There is a promising aspect in reversing this situation. And with the new development of mold-related technology in newer games, it might be the perfect time to bring this classic. demonic resident character back for RE9.

Wesker has a reputation for being surprisingly resilient, coming back even when the characters were sure he was officially dead. He has experience surviving all kinds of situations, be it gigantic explosions that destroy entire mansions or dramatic falls from great heights. Wesker’s appearances also coincided with those of Chris Redfield, and the two seemed destined to be a hero/villain duo for many other games until resident evil 5 done official death of the villain. He hasn’t been a part of the series since, but without proper testing, there’s no way to be sure if his death is real (or truly permanent).


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Resident Evil 9 therefore, he has a valuable opportunity to return one of the franchise’s most popular villains. Given Wesker’s affinity for tracking down new biotech, the new development of the mold’s powers would no doubt interest him enough to return if he could. Not only that, but since Chris Redfield’s ongoing role in demonic residentThe story of has become more and more important in recent entries, it would be a great addition to let Albert Wesker, his rival, challenge him once again.

Wesker’s Resident Evil Return In RE9 Has The Perfect Setting

The appearance of new technologies is one of the main premises that brings Wesker back to the franchise. In Resident Evil 4, for example, does not physically appear in the game, but hires Ada Wong to get him a sample of the Las Plagas parasite. He later uses that sample to create Ouroboros, his final creation as of this point in the story. This premise has been established in later entries in the series, establishing the mold as an interesting organism with various eugenic abilities that can be passed on genetically. Thus, it can create the perfect environment for world domination and artificial selection that Wesker wanted in bad resident 5.

Not only that, but Wesker’s return would give Chris a suitable antagonist to match his abilities. Despite having introduced fun action-based sections in Resident Evil Village for Chris Redfield, he is able to easily destroy all kinds of monsters with mastered weapons. In previous installments, Wesker studied his fighting methods and carefully planned his own around them, knowing that the two were bound to clash eventually. This allowed players to meet the appropriate challenge of combat in demonic residentallowing both Chris and Wesker to continue to improve themselves and their fighting techniques, and creating tension and excitement among the players.

When Wesker fell into the volcano that presumably claimed his life, and had two rocket launcher missiles fired at him for good measure, there was no evidence left to prove he was actually dead. When Chris left the scene celebrating his victory, as he had countless times before, there was no evidence that the antagonist was finally gone forever. With the perfect mold, a perfect tool for Wesker to wreak havoc, Resident Evil 9 has an excellent opportunity to bring back the second half of the famous demonic resident The Wesker/Redfield duo that has shaped the series so far.

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