Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023

Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023
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Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023

The authors have tried to create incredibly exciting and interesting updates that will appeal to a wide variety of users.


Players will have to figure out how to survive in very limited conditions in Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023, so as not to be afraid to meet a creepy monster or show their skills in parkour.

One block

The authors of this Maps update prepared a very unusual test for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.10 Released. The player appears in a world where there is nothing but a single block under their feet.


According to the rules, it must also be destroyed to get new resources. The heroes will have to learn to survive in the same unusual conditions.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/survival/one-block/


The authors of Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023 offer players a journey through small towns. Each of them is distinguished by unique buildings and local residents.


Inside you can find interesting activities or an amusement park, as well as an authentic castle.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/creation/village/

lucky blocks

This time the players will participate in an exciting race with their friends. On the tracks, the authors of Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023 have prepared a bunch of Lucky Blocks for them.


But it is better to be careful, because in addition to useful items, they can also open very aggressive mobs.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/parkour/lucky-blocks/


This Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023 update is rightly considered the most ambitious and long-awaited. The thing is that incredible adventures and even mini-games based on the Middle Ages await players in these places.


The authors have created very beautiful and impressive buildings.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/creation/castle/

bed wars

A fun and unusual minigame is literally created for the multiplayer version. Players must protect their bed, because if it breaks, the entire team will die.


There are various options for the layout of the surrounding space and even a spectator mode for those players who have dropped out of the competition.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/minigame/bed-wars/

hello neighbor

This location is a real horror adventure. The player will have to find out the cause of the terrible events that occur in the neighboring house.


The authors of Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023 spent a lot of time making all objects functional: for example, users can turn on the TV and sit in a chair.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/horror/hello-neighbor/

sky wars

Players who reach this location will fight each other on small islands. You can set a timer and the number of participants.


To win this Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023 update, you need to be the last survivor.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/minigame/skywars/

poppy playtime

This Maps addon for Minecraft 2022 and 2023 is completely based on the popular computer game. The hero will appear at the epicenter of events, in the famous toy factory.


You will have to explore all the factory premises and find out what really happened in this terrible place.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/horror/poppy-playtime-map/

single block

As is clear from the name, players will again need to pass the test in a very limited space.


The developers of this Maps mod for Minecraft PE 2022 and 2023 have come up with several different tasks, by passing each of which the hero will receive some resources.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/survival/single-block/

sky block

The process of survival on a small island is not an easy task. only the more experienced and brave players can deal with it.


The developers of this Maps for Minecraft Bedrock 2022 and 2023 mod have worked hard to make the passage of the test very interesting.

TO DOWNLOAD: https://mcpe-planet.com/maps/survival/skyblock-map/

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