How wallhacks and aimbots are already destroying competitive Halo Infinite in just a few months

Halo Infinite is fun, but cheating is ruining it. [image courtesy @MagicalFatKid, Halo Infinite]
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Halo Infinite is fun, but cheating is ruining it. [image courtesy @MagicalFatKid, Halo Infinite]

Halo Infinite is a lot of fun, but it’s not without serious flaws. Right now the biggest problem in the game is piracy, and it’s been going on since the Beta. The maps are gorgeous and well designed, and the weapons are familiar. Sometimes 343 is quick to address issues like the Battle Pass. On the topic of cheating, the developers seem to be silent.

The game has only been out for a few months and we are seeing hackers being called out in competitive, unanswered, and cross-play, which infuriates players.

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What do hackers use in Halo Infinite?

The piracy problem in Halo Infinite has spiraled out of control and seems to be getting worse by the day. However, what kind of tools do players use? Aimbots are the most common, allowing players to easily land headshots with no effort.

Tell me you are toggling aimbot without telling me you are toggling aimbot. He even lets himself die at the end after getting the triple, but it clearly shows on the day that he notices the heads. @Aura @AuraSupport for

Beyond that, the other common hack is the wallhack, which allows players to see through the wall, as the name implies. You can see the players behind the objects and know when they are coming so you can easily eliminate them. Some of these cheat engines allow you to see specific statistics about the players in the game. You can see your health and hitbox, for example. They call it Halo Infinite ESP and it makes picking fights a breeze.

Typically someone buys these cheats for 24 hours or 30 days. The ease of purchase and the ability to create endless free accounts in Halo Infinite make it easy for players to cheat and spoil the fun for others. They already existed in November, as can be seen on Twitter.

It tends to be pretty obvious when someone is also hacking. You can see in a variety of clips where someone locks onto an enemy’s head perfectly and takes them out with a perfect shot. However, they only seem to happen on PC, which makes gamers eager to see cross-play made optional. Halo Infinite fans are even seeing accusations of cheating appear in the HCS.

Halo Infinite players, Minds and Idren called out for hacking

Hacks are common in CoD Warzone and will be coming to Halo as well. Since both are free-to-play games, it’s no surprise to hear that the pros could take a shortcut. In a recent indictment, Roman “Druk” Nasirudin” accused BBG’s “Minds” of hacking during a $10K Halo event.

Pioneers Halo Pro Druk is accusing BBG member Minds of hogging last night’s $10,000 Halo event and is releasing clips about the situation after KCP lost to BBG in a game 5 slayer 49-50.. .

Druk even showed clips of some incredibly shady behavior at the tournament. Minds has not responded, and we have yet to hear back from 343 Industries. In the images above, you can see Minds’ point of view. Druk posted several clips showing how suspicious the Minds gameplay was.

Then we have Idren, a notorious cheater called by big names in the Halo scene: Lucid and FormaL. He is notorious and has reportedly been caught cheating repeatedly. Names like Lucid and FormaL from Team Optic carry a lot of weight.

Despite the nature of these cheating accusations, 343 Industries has not made any statement about either, worse yet, one of whom is at a major money event. The company has made statements saying tougher anti-cheating measures are coming, but players don’t see any proof.

Halo’s notorious cheater “Iden” has been called by a lot of people, and now add two of the biggest names in the game who are calling him too, with Lucid and FormaL. @Aura

If pro players and established players can cheat without consequence, what’s to stop everyone else from doing it? You can report cheaters, but when they can simply create another account, this does little to stem the tide of hacking.

It’s also a clunky system as you also have to upload the cheat test, download it to the PC, and then upload it again to get a support ticket. A solution suggested by the community is to disable crossplay. Even if this were allowed, it would leave PC gamers out of luck. The only solution at this time is to see genuine steps to correct these issues from 343 Industries.

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