Fortnite invites players to submit island skins for Fortnitemares 2022

Fortnite invites players to submit island skins for Fortnitemares 2022
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Fortnite invites players to submit island skins for Fortnitemares 2022

epic games is already planning for the year Fortnitemares 2022 event like summer Fortnite event comes to an end. Players will have access to new rides and exclusive cosmetics as part of this celebration of the spookiest time of the year, guaranteed to be better than ever.

Fortnite has urged players to create and contribute spooky new levels that will be featured during the Fortnitemares 2022 event to prepare for the big event. However, Epic warns that this year’s election will not be satisfied by old scares. Players are encouraged to use the latest tools, such as the Tier Instance Deviceyou and the prop manipulatorinstead.

Fortnitemares 2022 Island Design Guidelines

Here are some of the guidelines for the Fortnite island layout in Fortnitemares 2022:

  • Every year a sizable number of new Fortnite players join Fortnitemares. Make sure your island is easy to navigate and understand so new players can really sink their fangs into it to lure them to your islands.
  • Old scares just don’t terrify as well as they used to, so be sure to make use of 2022’s new additions to mechanics and gadgets. Create ghastly caves with the Level Instance tool, deliver edgy haunted houses with the Prop Manipulator, and push your guests to jump, slide, and cover barriers to avoid all the terrifying monsters and other imaginative creatures you can think of.
  • With eliminations, be imaginative. Have your players die at the hands of zombies, get lost in a maze during a storm, and die in other imaginative ways. Even if games don’t always revolve around eliminations, add some drama and intrigue to your island.
  • Bring the spooky vibe to your Fortnite island in any way you can, but don’t be afraid to give Fortnitemares 2022 your own unique twist. Zombie Dance Party, Haunted Houses, and Creepy Corn Mazes are always entertaining, but you can adapt and mix them up to create the Fortnite nightmare of your dreams! Be original in your wording and design to increase your chances of being featured.

Call criteria for Fortnitemares 2022

These are the call criteria for Fortnitemares 2022:

  • Only one island per creator will be accepted.
  • Make sure your island is in the theme.
    • Make sure your island follows the specified Fortnitemares theme.
  • We seek high-quality experiences.
    • Fully functional islands that use devices well, set effective limits, and are highly polished to enhance the player experience. (And they make your island more likely to spawn!)
  • Prioritize innovation (must use newer devices).
    • The never-before-seen and boundary-pushing designs will certainly catch our eye.
  • Each submission requires a video overview.
    • Submitted videos must show a flight across the entire island, as well as a round of play.
  • Presentations must be new islands.
    • Any island considered for submission must be a new island published during the call period.
  • Promotional trailers are recommended.
    • Including an engaging promotional trailer for your island is not required, but highly recommended. (However, presentation overview videos are required.)
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Although Fortnite has not yet accepted entries for these islands, it is encouraging artists to start making their spookiest works for Fortnitemares 2022. There isn’t much time left before the current season of Fortnite ends and the fall season begins, so players will probably be able to submit their islands in the next week or two.

Are you excited for the Fortnitemares 2022 event in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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