Bladepoint is the perfect Battle Royale for Hack-and-Slash fans

Bladepoint is the perfect Battle Royale for Hack-and-Slash fans
Written by ga_dahmani
Bladepoint is the perfect Battle Royale for Hack-and-Slash fans

Battle Royale games are one of the biggest genres in gaming right now. They seemingly came out of nowhere, but they managed to change the entire gaming industry and have been a major part of it ever since. As it stands, most of the Battle Royale genre is made up of first or third person shooters like Fortnite either PUBG. While the great battle royale shooters like Fortnite they offer something unique to stand out from the others, there is not much variety for players who are not fans of the shooter genre. Fortunately, independent title Naraka: Sword Tip is introducing a huge dose of variety to the stale genre.

Naraka: Sword Tip is a new Battle Royale game from the Chinese developer 24 Entertainment. While Naraka isn’t the first battle royale game to offer melee combat, melee combat is at the core of the title’s experience. The game’s focus on melee battles not only changes the battle mechanics, but forces players to radically explore their approach to this game. Players cannot play the game in the same way that they play a title like apex legends.

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Obviously combat is the main thing that separates Naraka from other battle royale games like Fortnite either PUBG. Instead of shooting someone with a rifle from several meters away or building a fortress when attacked, Naraka forces players to get close with a blade. Because of this, the combat has to be much more complicated than that of a shooter.

blade tip uses a basic rock-paper-scissors approach to combat. Players can use a basic attack by tapping the attack button. They can also hold down the attack button to charge up a powerful attack, or they can use the counter button to parry an enemy’s attack. Power attacks beat light attacks, and light attacks are not affected by parry. This simple style of combat is not only easy for players to pick up, but also provides the foundation for a surprisingly deep battle system for an online game like this.

The combat is further accentuated by the variety of weapons, items, perks, and abilities each player has at their disposal. From daggers to greatswords and from guns to bows, each player has many weapons to suit their style of play. While ranged weapons aren’t exactly viable in a melee fight, they do help to pick off wounded enemies who are trying to run. However, melee weapons are obviously the star of the show. Each weapon offers a combat style that is very different from each other. This allows players to really create a style of play that suits them.

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Along with weapons, each player receives various other tools. There are basic Battle Royale items like items to replenish health and armor, but the featured item for Naraka it’s the reel. The Spool acts as a grappling hook and allows players to latch onto anything on the map to propel themselves towards it. Players can literally grab onto anything from buildings to treetops and even other players. The grappling mechanic adds a new depth to mobility and combat. Clinging to trees makes the player feel like an anime character, and is also a viable combat strategy.

Similar to apex legendsthere are several characters to choose from Naraka: Sword Tip. Each character has a unique ability and an ultimate ability. As players progress, they can customize each character’s abilities for slightly different effects. Some characters’ abilities focus more on support, but can be tailored to be effective alone or with teammates. Skills can make a huge difference when fighting another player, and can be combined with different weapons for devastating combos.

games like Fortnite Y PUBG they are fantastic for gamers who like the intensely competitive nature of battle royale games. Some fans, however, prefer the hack-and-slash style of gameplay of something like Devil May Cry or gaiden ninjaand that’s where Naraka shines Naraka has combat that’s easy to pick up and hard to master, and it’s the perfect escape for someone who wants to bayonet It was a bit more competitive.

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