Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)
Written by ga_dahmani
Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

Minecraft provides two versions of the game, Base Y java edition. While they may both look the same, each version has a lot of differences behind the scenes, especially when it comes to generations of structures in the game. For those who are playing with the older version of Java, here are some of the best Minecraft Java Edition 1.19 seeds for August 2022.

1. Huge cave near spawn seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

Right next to your spawn location, you can instantly find a huge, sprawling cave. A great seed for those who like caving in Minecraft. All credits go to u/i’m_a_hot_potato.

2. Large mushroom islands with a variety of biome seeds

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

reddit user u/ForTheCrows found quite an interesting patch of islands; near various biomes, you can find three mushroom islands, as well as ocean monuments in the sea areas around them. You can locate one of the islands by going to the coordinates X: 4,500 Y: -3,000.

3. Great Village Seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

  • Seed: 2168554369193377313

In case you are looking for a Populated Village for a proper RPG, this seed of you/sunday It may be a good choice. You can find the Village at coordinates X: -352 Z: -336.

4. Ancient Mineshaft Seed City

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

  • Seed: 4189766944005904899

Mineshaft is still a popular loot spot, but this seed spawns you near one with an ancient city. For that reason, you have to be careful with the Guardian if you don’t want to get your ass kicked while caving. Head to coordinates 189, -27, 179 to find it.

5. Huge volcanic seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

  • Seed: 8558586801590466399

Behind your spawn point at coordinate X: 179 Z: -446 you can find a huge mountain range. Then at X: 168 Y: -51 Z: -216 you can find an Ancient City. Filled with panoramic mountain views, this is definitely the best Java Minecraft Seed 1.19 in this August 2022 seed list for enthusiastic RPGs and builders.

6. Seed of the Sump Mansion

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

  • Seed: 8486214866965744170

Another beautiful view thanks to MinecraftImproved terrain generation system. In the X: 714 Z: -676 mansion seen above, you can see a large sinkhole very close by. If you venture out into the area, you’ll also find a couple of witch huts and villages to explore.

7. Allay Woodland Mansion Seed

Minecraft: Best Java Seeds 1.19 (Aug 2022)

  • Seed: -702411727950161736

Finding Allays to make an Allay farm could be quite a difficult task, but not anymore thanks to this August 2022. Minecraft 1.19 java edition seed. Go to coordinate 229, 97, 476 for the Allay cage and a mansion near your spawn and you’ll be set for life.

8. Lonely Island Seed


  • Seed: -180712982499944018

We need something that can cool us down in this summer heat; at least mentally looking at tempting waters on the game screen. What would be better than wasting time on your own lonely island? The credit will u/Heliozz0. This seed works for both Base Y java edition.

9. Scenic Snowy Village Seed


  • Seed: -2389457811431121472

This is from YouTuber minecraft and relaxCollection of, credited to @gaspoweredpick. This seed features a unique village on top of a very picturesque snowy mountain and also works in the bedrock edition.

10. Mountain Cliffs


The last one is from u/MarthrynCO. You start out in a small desert biome surrounded by a large barren mountain with a lake on it. There are other biomes around, as well as cliffs that drop down into a larger pool. A nearby savanna town at coordinates -379, 120, 200 and caverns are open for exploration. For more details, check out our general guide to Best 1.19 Seeds.

Minecraft: The Best Bedrock 1.19 Seeds (Aug 2022)

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