All Season Exclusive Vehicles, Ranked By Utility


All Season Exclusive Vehicles, Ranked By Utility

Fortnite is currently going through its third season in Chapter 3, which includes a number of peaceful activities to do as players battle each other in some new and exotic locations. But sadly, Season 4 will soon pick up the slack to offer new locations with new features and unlockable content.

But of the last seasons in the 3 chapters, which vehicles were the most useful? Whether it’s the power, incredible teamwork opportunities, or speed, these vehicles are also some of the best in the game to date.


10 Armored Battle Bus – Chapter 3, Season 2

Despite the poor timing when Chapter 3 Season 2 was released in regards to the actual conflict breaking out in Europe, the season saw an island war between The Seven and The Resistance. And with Marvel characters like Doctor Strange and The Prowler joining each side, it was up to players to stop the war and bring peace to the island.

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And there are plenty of vehicles to help the AI ​​characters while they have explosive fun. Among them is the armored battle bus, which could deal massive damage due to its size, but is a bit slow and its long build caused issues when driving over some of the terrain.

9 Wolf – Episode 3, Season 3

Wildlife was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 3, and expanded the animals outside of the small menagerie of fish that players could obtain. Different animals have come and gone, but one of the best and most threatening were wolves.

While wolves have been in the game for a while alongside other animals, the latest season finally sees players able to ride the beasts. And since they can now act as vehicles, they offer some unique advantages, the most important being that they don’t require fuel, so they can run long distances without losing energy. This much-needed update on these animals is just one of the reasons why they could be one of the best animal companions in video games.

8 The Baller – Episode 1, Season 8

Season 8 saw an unusual, yet fun mix of themes that brought new locations to explore, as well as vibrant new character skins to unlock. From a pirate ship and a volcano to avatars like Peely and Luxe, this turned out to be a season unlike any other at the time.

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Speaking of adding two different elements to make something new, The Baller’s inclusion certainly lived up to the season’s mix of themes. By rolling in the giant ball, fans of the game were also able to deal with its overly-high locations, which opened up a lot of possibilities for everyone to experience these weird and fun vehicles.

7 Choppa – Episode 2, Season 2

With secret agents and spies being the theme of Chapter 2 Season 2, there were some new features to shake things up. The introduction of vaults, phone booths, and AI bosses was fun, but not as fun as flying in the air alone or with friends, which has made it one of the best live service games of all time.

While there may not be any weapons on the Choppa compared to some of the other vehicles that have come and gone, that doesn’t mean it can’t be dangerous depending on who’s operating them. From single players using the blades to deal damage to teams with snipers on either side as the pilot moves everyone to vantage points, it’s a vehicle to avoid if someone spots you in the air, and it’s one that can be advantageous to the correct group.

6 Boat – Episode 2, Season 1

After the events of The End, Fortnite introduced a new chapter that changed the island forever. Many new features and additions were included, such as fishing, swimming, upgrade options, and the ability to build campfires.

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But a new vehicle in the form of a Motorboat was also added. Being able to drive quickly over the waves, the speedboat is a fast way to get from point to point and across lakes and rivers. And with a missile launcher attached, it can also cause some chaos for those on dry land.

5 Saucer – Episode 2, Season 7

Chapter 2 Season 7 saw aliens invade the island in an attempt to take over and gain control. And with alien invaders and scientists involved, there were plenty of wacky sci-fi weapons to use against everyone, making it one of the best seasons, according to Reddit.

And among the alien technology is the Saucer, which was unlike other vehicles fans would play with. Being able to hover and shoot lasers was an exciting way to explore the map, but the ability to kidnap various animals and opposing players made this both unique and useful when wreaking havoc on the island.

4 Kart All Terrain – Episode 1, Season 5

Since the theme of this season is a collision between realities, players saw many themed skins and items available for fans to unlock in the Battle Pass. But this opening of realities to the island also saw an unexpected vehicle.

One of the strangest vehicles to add to Fortnite, the All Terrain Kart resembles a golf kart. While players can work effectively within teams when driving around the map, the similar sliding boost ability to the Mario Kart games can see anyone able to quickly swerve and avoid shots, making it useful for escaping from enemies with strong weapons.

3 GROSS – Episode 1, Season X

In the tenth and final season of Chapter 1, the game brought back some skins from past seasons and gave them a fresh coat of neon paint before it reached the end of one of the game’s best events, The End. With the manipulation of time, some favorite features have returned to the map along with an exciting new vehicle, the BRUTE.

A giant robot, with ground-pounding abilities and a massive weapon that can destroy anyone and anything in its path? It remains a mystery how this type of vehicle has only been revisited twice, but it was certainly a fun and explosive experience when the duos were able to get their hands on them and gain an advantage.

two X-4 Stormwing – Chapter 1, Season 7

With a winter season, players saw the map transform into a snowy, festive wonderland. And while there were plenty of leverage points from seeing the new skin in a familiar place, none came close to piloting the X-4 Stormwing over mountain tops.

While many vehicles throughout the game have been able to add multiple players into one, it can hold up to 5 players for all kinds of chaotic fun. And being able to pull off a series of aerial tricks between mountains was a fun way to explore the winter wonderland while avoiding those trying to take down the player and his team.

1 Victory Motors Whiplash – Chapter 2, Season 3

With the ocean flooding the island, the aquatic theme saw whirlpools and sharks becoming deadly obstacles, as well as fun new mechanics to enjoy traversing the map, with the right tools. But there were also some new toys to play with on dry land, especially when it came to the speedy Whiplash.

Manufactured by the fictional car company Victory Motors, the Whiplash is a fast car that, when on a flat surface, can easily take anyone between A and B in record time. But when a Cow Hunter is added to it, it can be a quick and destructive force that can deal damage while avoiding obstacles in a second. This doesn’t also make it one of the most useful vehicles, but it does make it one of the best vehicles in the game.

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