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Who is James Marcus in Resident Evil and is he in the games?

Who is James Marcus in Resident Evil and is he in the games?
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Who is James Marcus in Resident Evil and is he in the games?

Beware. Umbrella is back.

Some may turn to Netflix’s adaptation of Resident Evil with a rich and long-standing relationship with the franchise, whether it’s thanks to the video games that began to excite gamers in the ’90s or the movies that began with Paul WS Anderson in 2002.

Milla Jovovich’s films remain divisive and you’re always going to invite criticism when you’re translating such a beloved property. However, there will be plenty of audiences who have little to no knowledge of the predecessors when viewing the new series.

Developed by Andrew Dabb, the eight-episode project hit Netflix on Thursday, July 14, 2022, and is the second television adaptation of the franchise; the first is the animated film. infinite darkness – and uses the events of the games to illustrate a compelling backstory.

If this is your first foray into the franchise, you may have a lot of questions about the characters, so let’s tackle who James Marcus is in Resident Evil.

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Who is James Marcus in Resident Evil?

James Marcus is the father of Evelyn Marcus in Resident Evil.

Although Evelyn is a brand new character made especially for the Netflix series, James is from video games. Digging deeper into the Netflix adaptation, we learn that the Umbrella Corporation was founded by three virologists: Oswell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, and James Marcus.

However, we discovered that Oswell was cunning behind the scenes and took James out of the picture, almost erasing him from the company’s history.

This is something that Evelyn addresses throughout the series as she attempts to bring James’s legacy to the forefront of the public spotlight, in hopes of restoring honor to the Marcus family name.

Looking back at the games, additional details point to James having held the position of Director at the company’s executive training school. He was also one of those responsible for bringing the t-Virus into the world. His obsession with his work led him to become an absent father, neglecting his duties as a family man to devote more time to research.

Unfortunately, he was murdered in 1988 and the test subjects he had painstakingly enslaved were abandoned in an underground river channel. Resident Evil Fandom Stand out.

Resident Evil | official trailer 2



Resident Evil | official trailer 2





“I gathered all the information about Evelyn’s father”

James’s daughter, Evelyn, is played by Paola Núñez and recently asked him Screenrant if she did any research. After all, she is playing the daughter of an undoubtedly iconic character:

“I was familiar with the games and two of the movies, but I put all the information about Evelyn’s father together so I could understand. And it was easier to understand where she came from, and the urgent need to be seen and respected. I feel like that’s where I found her pain, right?

He added: “That’s where I found her fears and her pain and that’s how I created her. and it was very important [to] Me, for Evelyn to have humanity so that people can connect with that and not just be a villain who’s barely human. She wanted her to feel human and vulnerable…”

Is Resident Evil renewed for season 2?

Will we continue to narrate the events that James Marcus’s work and research helped facilitate?

As of now, Netflix has yet to announce the second season of Resident Evil. However, it’s arguably a bit early to expect concrete renewal news and we predict that an announcement could come in August 2022.

Resident Evil streams exclusively on Netflix.

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